Friday, July 17, 2009

Quick look : Go kiss the Word - Shubroto Bagchi

Shubroto Bagchi, co-founder of MindTree Ltd., writes about the rich experiences that life has gifted him with, about the interesting people he has met on the way, about the subtle truths of life that we often miss, about the simple lessons that make a great leader, about the basic traits that make a difference to each of personally, to our folks, to our workplace community, and to life at large.

A few reasons why you should read this book:

You hate attending lectures.
You do not have time for voluminous books with nano-sized fonts.
You have had enough of the management jargon and cant stop to hear another word that even remotely suggests 'management tone'.
You are a professional who has some aspiration in life.
You always believe that staying in your 'domain' or 'career path' ONLY can boost your growth in the corporate ladder.
You want someone to believe in your ability.
You want to know how to manage difficult people.
You want to learn to say 'No'.
You wish you could step down that 'Ego' Dias once in a while.
You want to grow as a 'person'.
You want to be a leader.
You want to learn to embrace the world as it is.

How is this book different from the rest of the books?

It talks our language. I am amazed at the negligible management jargon used in the book. That is a huge plus.
The book is written in very simple English. You do not need a dictionary to understand what it says.
It reads like a nice story and there is never a dull moment. The lesson and the incident intertwine so well that you cannot tell a clear demarcation between the story and the valuable lesson.
An honest narration and a very short book, neatly segmented into topics that really make sense.
Further reading section is a gift. If you know how important 'a list of good books' is, then you will go with my opinion.

Major Plus:
Quick read, Page turner, Easy to relate, Simple to understand, Very Indian and an honest portrayal.

I didn't look for the minus point in this book.. and cannot spell out one out of my mind, because, after reading this book, if you want to spell a minus point, then you have not really read the book at all. You will only see the larger picture of things after you read this book; that is if you have really listened to what the book has to say. If you read it like you read a novel, then you are not reading to take in anything at all.

One word : A must-read, nice-to-gift, and a great book.

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Videhi Visali said...

I feel like grabbing a copy right now after reading your review! You words are very influential..i wish i could pen down my opinion about a book like this..simple and straight!!

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