Saturday, July 04, 2009

Media and social responsibility

There is this popular pill advertisement on the television that shows a worried, married, young woman, really worried that she might get pregnant. What follows in the few seconds advertisement, is a quick remedy to her problem in life...- the pill....

Did the advertiser think about how this was going to be perceived among the children of today?
Did the advertiser think about how young parents would read it?
Did the advertiser think about the fact that there are doctors in town who have spent a few years studying the subject thoroughly?

This advertisement if not carefully weighed can be very disastrous to the peace and quiet in many homes, today. It is not sufficient to put a disclaimer in a nano size font in the advertisements.. I don't even bother to read any such nano fonts in any poster, even if it is a banner sized advertisement.

Will the media or the advertisers or the product marketing division think about it? Whoever would tell these guys that All easy solutions in life may NOT and need NOT always be right.....

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Krithi Krish said...

I agree with you. However, after having to associate with people who have had kids though they were personally not interested and claim it to be an accident, I would say that the usage of this pill X could have atleast reduced 1 baby from entering the world and it becomes all the more troublesome for the baby if the parents are not affectionate. It also helps during if anything very unfortunate happens in the family.

Having said all this, I totally agree that sincere discretion based on various personal aspects has to be applied. If not, this can be misused to an alarming extent.

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