Friday, July 31, 2009

Do-nothing times....

I want to do nothing..and its a working day..

Cannot think of writing..there is so much I can write about.
Cannot think of movies..there are many I can watch.
Cannot think of talking on the phone..there are people I can call.
Cannot think of music..there is music I can listen.
Cannot think of taking a good afternoon's nap..I can take a ten minute nap.
Cannot think of writing a blog post..there are topics I can write about.
Cannot think of reading a book..there are e-books I can read.
Cannot think of taking a walk..I can take a quick walk on the beautiful campus walkway.
Cannot think of eating..there is a nice cafeteria.
Cannot think of shopping..there are things I can buy.
Cannot think of browsing.. I can surf for knowledge and networking.
Cannot think of thinking... there is so much to think about and sort out.

I don't recall when I had last felt the way I do now... with so much that I can do and I can be thankful for, but not feeling like utilizing them at all.

I have no idea why I don't feel like doing anything at all now, probably this is what they call a 'Do-nothing' time...When I read about it in a magazine... ( Don't ask me when and where... no idea :) I didn't think it was this difficult to just do 'Nothing' at all.

Can relate to a talk I once heard which said: All the time, human beings are doing something or the other. They can never do "Nothing " in life. It went to say, that it is this inability to 'do nothing' that gives meaning to worldly life.

Well, am not getting philosophical or anything here, but its just that there is a flow of interconnected thoughts...I just realize ( did you also note?) ...that I have not been able to really Do-nothing... :) I have ended up writing about my so-called 'Do-nothing' time today, even when I felt like not writing.. I am back in full action!!!!! and getting back to work!!!!

I conclude practically there can never be a do-nothing time. If you agree or disagree, may be you should let me know your thoughts.. :-)


Anonymous said...

I think a Do-nothing time is a good idea. It gives you a break from constantly doing something to actually think of something.

Since I am such a lazy bum, I have frequent do-nothing periods, but realize that I have always bounced back with more energy and ideas; and have actually managed to do more.

At least I would like to think so :)

Krithi Krish said...

am reading ths post of urs at a so-called 'do-nothing' time for today ;)

i have a long list of things that i can do, i find nothing to keep me fresh. am just sitting here in front of the computer wondering what to read and decided that there is nothing more interesting than your blog.

yes though we may not realise or intend to, we either do something productive at this do-nothing time or it definitely serves as a refresher for the good things lining up.

okay, let me attend to those 'good things' now ...

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