Sunday, July 26, 2009

Crispy language

If you have been watching my blog or if you have spoken to me before, you surely know that I cannot keep it short when I talk. :-) Not that I am putting in a lot of effort to keep my language precise, but with whatever effort I am taking, I should be able to learn it some day.

So, you can imagine my reaction when I heard this at the customer service desk yesterday evening at a local Airtel outlet:

"Good evening.. ( I actually heard the voice smile..) I lost my Nokia phone that had an Airtel pre-paid SIM card sometime ago. Is there a way to ensure that no one mis-uses the card?"

I couldn't help looking up from my paper to see who this well-mannered gentle man was. His tone was very professional, words seemed very carefully chosen to ensure that the support guy didn't have to ask another question to clarify the problem at hand and he was very friendly. He was an old man with a hearing aid, very mindful of the support executive's time at 7:00P.M in the evening.

It took the support executive exactly two minutes to resolve the issue for the old man and all went well.

I walked out of the Airtel outlet thinking about how much better life would be for the support executive if all of us give our problem statement so crisp and clear. The snippet that the gentle man spoke yesterday, can easily translate into a session like this in most regular cases in a support desk:

CSE - Busy always and trying to keep a peaceful look amidst all the chaotic support requests
Cust - Hi
CSE - Hello Sir, how may I help you?
Cust - I lost my phone....
CSE - You must contact your vendor about it, but what connection do you have?
Cust - You mean the plan?
CSE - No, prepaid or post paid connection?
Cust - Pre-paid
CSE - I suggest you give a number cancellation instruction to the executive at the last counter..
Cust - Yeah, that is correct, but then, I want to know if Nokia phones have a different way to ensure that the number is not mis-used.
CSE - No, there is very little we can do about the phone vendor, but can ensure that your number is locked and cannot be used by anyone else.
Cust - What is the procedure? I go to the counter and give the instruction to the executive and then what happens?
CSE - We have a duplicate SIM card issued if you would like or cancel the number completely. But the support executive over there will explain it for you.
Cust - Which counter?
CSE - Counter number 10.

Now tell me, at the end of this, the support executive is exhausted and wants some peace and quiet and there stands the next customer with his own set of problems in life... So if the support executive does not react in a manner that he is supposed to, it is simply because of us, customers, who cannot take sometime to find how we can help him do his job well..

May be I will think about it the next time I enter any outlet and speak to a customer support executive.

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Videhi Visali said...

this blog clearly indicates "being deepa" who can get into anyone's shoes and see the world through their corona :)

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