Friday, May 22, 2009

Yet another way to find jobs

For those of you who have struggled a little to find a job, you will probably appreciate this innovative way of job hunt.

I was on a city bus on my way to office. My work place is on one of the prime software localities in Bangalore. When I say 'Prime', I mean, there are at least five software complexes, on the same road. Each complex is a huddle of software companies - Dwarfs to Giants.

From where I sat, I could clearly read this : Job Wanted : Mobile : 1234567890 ( There was a local mobile number written). It was written with a black marker or sketch pen on the back rest of one of the seats.

For a minute my cheers fell, thinking about the back drop of the scene when this might have been written. The unknown job seeker could be coming back from an interview that had just flopped, might have just then lost a job, might have just then resigned from a job, might have just then finished graduation, might have lost hopes of finding jobs through friends/job sites/ corporate career sites/recommendations, or might have just been denied a self-employment loan from a bank...

The list seemed endless and suddenly I saw the positive side to the job seeker advertisement.

The very idea of scribbling a phone number on the back rest of a bus is in itself very brilliant.

Almost 90% of the commuters in this route in office hours, usually belong to the IT sector, or academicians, or public sector employees. And, about 50% of the 90% lot belong to IT sector for sure. Considering that 10% of the crowd travels by this particular bus and at least one person sees this in a number of bus trips on a given day, there is a chance that seven people would have seen the number in a given week. So the job seeker now has given the contact number to seven people in the hope that at least one opportunity would cross his way.

I am sure the unknown job seeker wouldn't have thought about this approximate statistics when writing this advertisement...It might be just an un-aimed shot, but for all you know, the job seeker would find a job when someone who is looking out for a candidate reads this number.

This may not be the best way to find a job, but goes to say that the job seeker had left no stone unturned, when it comes to job hunt.

My thoughts : Lady luck smiles, some HR person sees this advertisement as 'Brilliant-Saves the recruiters a lot of time and money' and dials the number.


Kalpana Harikrishnan said...

Hmm.. the person most probably would have written it out of frustration.(I sincerely hope that person is not playing jokes) Yes, as you said if luck is on his side, sooner or later someone who could help might just read the message...

lifewithshashank said...

That sure is an offbeat way to promote oneself as a prospective candidate. Just goes to show that when the market plays tough bull, it pays to charge right on!

Nice post Deeps. Not many of us would have thought to blog about this. Keep writing, it is great to see your thoughts penned with so much creativity:)

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