Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Murphy's law - Tried and tested facts

Note : Read till the end before you attempt to dismiss it off as just another pessimistic note.

When you want to hurry up:

Try waiting for a bus, you will almost always see two buses coming from where you want to go.
Try taking an auto and it will surely get caught in a traffic jam or run out of fuel or just break down abruptly somewhere mid-way.

When you just took a decision and thought it was not late:

Try making a railway reservation - the return journey tickets will surely be available.
Try taking a flight - There will surely be an extra alert on security that day and the security check is bound to take a lot of time.
Try picking up the phone - It will almost always be out of order or the network will be busy.

When you are just thrilled that in an hour's time you will meet your timeline on the dot:

Try using the tried and tested software that had never once gone wrong in your able hands : It is sure to throw at least one error, to say the least.
Try sending that last email to intimate a job done : Your email network will be busier than usual and your mail will remain in your outbox.

When you are running late for a function:

Try looking for the invite card : It will almost always be inside a cupboard that you just locked.
Try looking for the house keys : It will definitely be in the same place where you left it, just that you wont recall where.

When you are tired of the kitchen work and are waiting to get to the sofa in the living room:

Try taking something from the refrigerator : It will almost always spill or fall or break, meaning extra work to the already tired you.
Try tasting what you just cooked : It will almost always need something more or less, meaning extra effort to get it right.

When you are super-thrilled to have reached the office on time :

Try taking out the id card from your bag : It will almost always be in the next compartment of your hand bag.
Try logging into your system : It will take at least five minutes longer than usual to start up.

Am I being pessimistic? No, definitely not.......even if the write up reads that way. I have just written what we have all known and observed.

The only problem in all these cases is that we race with the clock. So, let's just go by : Participation in the race is more important than winning it.

So, relax and do what you think is possible at the given time. Yes, you must do all that you can, but it helps to remember Murphy's law to make you feel better : If anything can go wrong, it will.

Take it easy. Clocks are smarter than you any day. :-)


VK said...

Awesome! Could'nt help but acknowledge the pessimism :D

Reminds me of this corollary to Murphy's law which I happened to read somewhere.
The 50-50-90 rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there's a 90% probability you'll get it wrong.

shobhasri said...

If I leave home early for getting someplace, anticipating traffic, I'll get there in 1/2 the time required and will be hanging around there for ages! If I leave late, thinking I don't want to wait @ the venue, it'll take me twice as long to reach, and I'll be horribly late.

shobhasri said...

If I leave early, I reach in 1/2 the time, if I leave late, it takes twice as long.

Casey said...

Hahahaha - Totally true. I do not consider it pessimistic - I feel tht is the way of life at times. I have also had days when things go exactly as planned n I have felt cmpltly at peace at those tms. It does not help tht these are pretty rare :D Totally enjoyed reading 'bout smthng we all face on a regular basis - tht was written so well :)

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