Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Don't waste....

Someone had remarked to me recently : Do not waste your time..

It hurt me quite a bit. I did give it a thought, but then dismissed it off.

Its not the first time that we hear this statement about not wasting time. Everyone says Don't waste time, but will never tell you how not to waste time and how to know if you are really wasting time on something. So I have always preferred to use the word 'Spend' instead of the word 'Waste' in the context of Time.

I am an optimistic person here, as I believe that what seems a waste of time today will definitely be a useful investment at some point in time.Now, this does not mean I don't waste time. May be I do, but I weigh my priorities and then spend time. ( Try using the word 'Spend' to sound optimistic!!! )

This thought line was running on my mind when I boarded the city bus yesterday. I still couldn't take the remark easy.

A college student was lost in her book. It looked like she was preparing for an exam. The bus was crowded and from where I stood I was directly peering into her book. It was more like, I didn't have a choice, but to read the text. :-) and this is what it read :

Don't waste food;
Don't waste money;
Don't waste time;
Don't waste energy.

It was a lesson on economics, management or life in general. I didn't gather that as my mind was glued to these lines.

Coming to think of it, these lines cover all that we can possibly waste. Or should I say, all that we waste belong to the category of food, money, time, or energy.

Makes me think, if this is all we need to know and follow right now, given the economic, social, and ethical situation in the world.

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bruno roy said...

Very true..."waste" is an inappropriate word to be used.."spend" sounds much better..Also you can never "waste" food,energy, time or just gets transformed to something better or worse depending on the usage of it :)

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