Sunday, December 14, 2008

Zen Moment

I chanced to attend this very interesting session in one of the conferences yesterday that said, Look for the Zen moment always...

Ever seen a flower bloom?
Even seen one petal fall off a flower?
Ever watched the moment you understood a concept in class?
Ever kept tab of the moment you understood a joke?
Ever watched the flutter of a butterfly?
Ever taken time to watch the color of a sunrise change?

These are some of the heavenly/interesting/wonder filled moments that cannot be defined, however much a wonderful prose writer or poet you are. It is that one moment ( could be less than a second ) that turns around your perspective towards something... It is called Zen Moment.

Though Zen sounds slightly philosophical there is a lot of practicality in this.

Every day is a new day with new challenges at work. Most of us easily rate the work after a few years of experience, as 'Just the usual' or 'Nothing unusual about it'. That's when work becomes a monotonous and stressful job that we may not be able to handle for long. Instead, if we strive to look for the Zen Moment at work, we can enjoy every minute of work.

Now, if you are trying to ask me what kind of a Zen moment is possible, am not the right person to answer..and this blog is not the right place to look for answers either. No one other than you could be the right person to define your Zen moments in life.

I personally relate it to those moments that you cannot define in words and can only relate to when you have been through it..

Attempt explaining the fall of a petal from a flower to someone.. You will be outright called 'Boring' :) by most people...
Attempt explaining a joke to someone who didn't get it the first time... Even if he understands it later, he surely missed the beat of the Zen moment and it is never the same...sometimes, never a Joke at all...

Zen moments are to be realized and cherished and valued and can never be imparted. Let us always look for such moments in anything we do.

Keep watching out for the Zen moments in life to experience the beauty and wonder of YOU as a creation.

Thanks :
Heard the concept in the session, Zen and the Art of Technical Writing by Mr. Narasimhan of Commit India, in the Society of Technical Communication Conference in Pune. Everything written in this post are what got registered in my mind and may not be an exact interpretation and definitely not a word to word write-up of what I heard.


Vara said...

Hi Deepa,
This is Vara Prasad from Cordys.
That was a nice blog on Zen.



Manjunath Raj said...

Ok. Here's how I'd wanna put it.

Learn to love life more and learn to appreciate the li'll things in life for a simple standard of living :)

Casey said...

On a tangential mode - An old frend msgd that she was in her Zen place at work. I was very happy to hear that. I felt that the key to that realization is when you have identified the Zen moments in ur day-2-day work life. Here is to hoping we all achieve that. :)

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