Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is about ...

December is all about Winter and Christmas..

Christmas is all about care and share..
Christmas is all about prayers and wishes..
Christmas is all about colors, bright and beautiful. .
Christmas is all about cakes and sweets..
Christmas is all about chocolates and wine..
Christmas is all about presents and visits..
Christmas is all about love and people..

I guess most of us either know or agree with most of these....

Yesterday I happened to visit a friend. It was a Merry Christmas day in their lovely home...

I noticed love and care filled the air all the time.... its not very often you get to be in such company outside your own family... My friend's family had invited about four of us for lunch. They are five in the family. So, in all nine of us plus their birds and our maid who helped us all had a wonderful Christmas lunch..

Just think people... To cook for so many of us, a meal that satisfied every one's tastes on Christmas day - not forgetting the time spent in prayers, the decorations, the Christmas presents for the family, the visits to friends and relatives place to wish Christmas.. the talking with all of us, the table clearing, the kitchen cleaning, the fireworks and well, the 'and' list.. keeps going on..

It takes an extra nicety to be truly nice to guests. It takes an art to make your guest feel at home.. It seemed like everyone in my friend's family had it as an in-born nature to be nice to people.. It is a must-learn attitude for everyone.

If we have been fortunate to be in such an environment, I guess we have to be thankful for the chance and be nice to everyone..

If we have not had the chance, we should start by sending an invite once to people... at least to appreciate the fact that it is not easy to host a party...

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