Monday, December 29, 2008

Abhiyum Naanum...

Abhiyum Naanum (அபியும் நானும்) is the recent clean movie that has hit the screens. The movie begins in a park where a young father is playing with his daughter. He meets an old man and they strike up a conversation, the common subject being parenting. The old father recalls little joys and some lovely moments in his life, as the father of a very sensible girl.

Since this is a very recent movie, I am not getting into the script of the movie. If you are a young father, you'd love to walk with the movie. If you are an old father, you'll agree about few things and won't agree with most others. If you are a son, you may not really appreciate the movie, unless you want to understand parenting.

The movie portrays the affection between a father and daughter. Right from the day the kid is born, till she gets married, director Radha Mohan has chosen some very common, very simple incidents that can make wonderful memories for any father. The father Prakashraj's affection for the child is crazy and easy to imagine. There are some really cinematic shots, but we'll end up giving credit to the script writer's imagination. The daughter Trisha adores the father, but it is surprising that she does not let him know about her love for Joginder, a Punjabi economist. Aishwarya plays the Mother character, who is very practical in all situations.

Radha Mohan deserves appreciation for the simple reason that the movie is clear off item numbers, inappropriate dialogues, obscene language, worthless jokes, over-acted stunts, random fire shot, murders, bloodshed, deaths, and other harsh realities that usually get woven into the movie script.

Abhiyum Naanum has been pictured in Ooty. Some shots in the hill station's roads, a park, Coimbatore Airport and a hill top villa are the shooting spots in this movie. You really do not need to spend crores on imaginations that mandate you to take a flight to France or Rome or some Foreign land.. Preetha's photography is excellent.

Vidyasagar has done a good job on music, with Vairamuthu taking the crown for the lyrics. Some of the songs are good enough to be remembered in the years to come.

Prakashraj has done a good job as a father who simply cant say 'No' to the daughter.. Some of the shots were too dramatic and some very casual.. There is a touch of comedy in the seriousness of parenting... It is not to be taken as a futile attempt to infuse comedy into the movie, but a successful attempt to make the story sound light.. else this delicate subject of parenting can be a workshop full of sentimental tears...

Aishwarya is a nice choice for the mother's role.. The movie shows the situations when a mother is very practical and the only situation she is not able to handle - the daughter's wedding. Somehow fathers are very practical when it comes to seeing off the daughter with the groom while the mothers always feel so much when she waves off a bye to the girl.

Prithviraj, the young parent, Thalaivaasal Vijay and his wife, fit into the story well. The character named Ravi Shastri brought in a lot of sentiments, but I guess it was needed to show the lovable nature in the family.

The director has given thought to social responsibility as well in the scene where he brings together a lot of affected people as Joginder's family. Trisha's husband Jogi is a good choice, a thought very different from the rest of the movies.

Final take: Abhiyum Naanum - A beautiful and different painting, worth a watch.

If you are old enough to understand people and patient enough to spend time talking to people, then go ahead and make a booking for this movie, else you better not watch the movie.


Casey said...

Have been seeing the snippets on TV but was not too sure if I shd catch it - thnx to ur review - I will :D

Crescentia Kalpana David said...

Hey watached the movie and loved it :)

sneha said...

A beautiful lovely movie.. A must watch.. I watched it recently..was alltears!!! had been searching for ths DVD for a long time!!! I love the Father-daughter relation in this..I love the emotions of father.. was like FATHER OF BRIDE but in diff way!! LOVE IT!!!

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