Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Fashion.. That's a movie for people who can handle some reality check in everyday life.
Meghna Maathur is an educated girl from Punjab. Her father is talking about an articleship with some Chartered accountant while she is keen on pursuing her teenage dreams of becoming a model. Much against the will of her parents and with some help from a friend of friend, she takes this bold step to go to the city, which she, like everyone else believes to be the Fashion Destination in India.

It was a very hard time for a town-bred girl to handle the 'just-no-way-out-of-it' situations in the fashion world. She made friends, lost some good friendships, gained some not-so-great-friendships, mistook some relationships, gave up some in-born, home-bred and precious values, drifted from her principles, did things that didn't quite agree with her as a person, tasted success, struggled to handle the lime light it brought, became high-headed, changed her self to remain on the spot light always, lost in love, lost sense and composure, and then....... understood people, gained the lost confidence, got back to the limelight once again, this time, as a more composed, understanding, caring, loving and lovable person.

It is a brilliant make I must say.. Though there are challenging questions like what will a teenager take away from the movie?? Is it: Pursue your dreams come what may, even if it means putting yourself and your loved ones into deep trouble, because all that matters is that confidence in you about you that you can achieve. Is it : Never go against your parents, because they know the world better than you.

Another angle is for the parents: Should I encourage just about anything that my son or daughter wants even if I know it is not good for them? What is good parenting? Is it: Follow your dreams my child, I will help you realize it. Or is it : Even if it is a dream that you want to realize, just understand that few things may not be what is good for you.

Fashion world has a complete different challenge: Is the Fashion world as bad as depicted in this movie? Now, if someone wants to be a model, is she given similar treatments? In India, a land of heritage and culture, how is this kind of society tolerated? What is happening in fact? Is it: Fashion world is too high for a common man to follow. or Is it: Fashion is a nice profession, but the people in there have some serious attitude and behavioural issues. Or is it : This is what Fashion is, if you cant handle it, this profession is not for you.

Excellent direction. Every star has done a fantastic job. Though at every other fashion show we cant help thinking that the costumes could have been better for the kind of hype that show claims, I must say, it was a good attempt. Priyanka Chopra has done her best.

There was this shot about how one of the improperly strapped costume strips open on the stage during the show and how the model handles the minute with a bold look that completely camouflages how she feels. It was a brilliant performance by Kangana, the model in the scene. The expression on her face on this particular scene is hard to forget if you attempt to relate to the woman in her.

Priyanka fits into the role very well and has given her best. The music is good and is a good fit in the movie. Its all about her and her life. All supporting stars have done a good job as well, to compliment the neatly crafted story.

Final take : Stunning, Brilliant, Interesting, Emotional, and Realistic portrait that is too much to handle for people below twenty three and people above forty three years of age. That 23-43 band is purely my take. If yours differs, am sure it will be just by a few numbers plus or minus. Am sure you admit that this movie can drive age groups less than 23, confused and age groups above 43, unsure of what they have to say about the movie.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice post...liked to read your point of view on the movie :)

Now, still waiting for your post on Vaaranam Aayiram

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