Friday, December 26, 2008

Give and Take policy

In a conference, there are times you welcome a tea break.. It all depends on what kind of session you just came out of. On one of these welcome tea breaks, I was very busy chatting about random technical and non-technical subjects with a friend. This friend Mr.K, was one of the senior members in my professional community. His friend Mr.S, also a senior, joined us for a quick minute to talk about the quiz competition that was to be held that evening.

The quiz committee had told us to find our own team members for the session. Mr.S told Mr.K : "I want you to be my in my team, so I can, ... okay, so we can, win the contest ." [ Smiles all the time...]

Now, this is a very casual and simple statement between two friends.. alright.. but then if you look close enough, rather think a little, it will bring a very understanding smile to yourself.

How often have we actually told someone, I need you to be in my team for us to win? Very Very rare.... It takes us all generally a while to acknowledge and appreciate the other's strength. More often than not, we just decide to keep to ourselves in situations when we know we can seek help... just because we don't know to explicitly appreciate some one's strength and cant bring ourselves to ask for help.

Sure enough, Mr.S and Mr.K were in the same team and did manage a win :) The Give and Take policy won.

The strength that an appreciation gives, nothing else can possibly give. It is not just about this quiz and its win that I am talking about. Of course, the winning in the quiz is not the prime thing in life....In a larger scheme of things, appreciation does matter and brings a lot of rewards to you and the recipient..

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My Space - My Thoughts said...

i second ur thot abt appreciation. they work wonders on others...aswell us :).. it takes a lot to appreciate others..but once done..u can do a great deal with their help!

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