Saturday, August 12, 2006

Rajini, Madhav,and Me - Part 6

The crux came the last: Do you have a perfect balance between work and home? In a perfect balance, your work does not disturb your home life and your home does not come in between your work life. Do you think his possible?

Rajini says: It is not possible as most of the waking hours is spent in the office and definitely some of the thoughts are carried back home whether or not he wants it. But the best part is he makes it a point not to vent out at home, so it does not really disturb the tranquil in his home. I hoped that there was a friend he confided in. Everyone needs a vent out.

Madhav says: Experience reminds that it has to be possible. Except when the situation is very bad.... He realizes that there is no point in carrying work tension home and home tension to work. He shares concerns and opinions with his folks at home and that seems to relieve him of his constant tension, but the temper related to office tension is always under control at home.
He agrees that the phone calls and mails from office are unavoidable. He ensures it does not disturb his sweet home.

I could very well see that the responses were not made up to please the listener. Still, I had just learnt a management principle:Never Assume.So with great hesitation I managed to ask: Is your response to all these questions honest?

'Yes' came the response. :) I knew it, still asked.

It was 7:40 P.M. The sky was cloudy and dark as we walked out of the eighth floor. I was reminded of the line from Robert Frost's poem: :The Woods are lovely dark and deep... And miles to go before I sleep.... (In the context of Lots to learn in Life.)
Frost is Great, books say...........Yes, and so are Rajini and Madhav, but in a very different and special way.

I think the three of us had a great evening.

Every body should take time to talk, you never know what all you will learn. People are really nice, we rarely take time to understand them.

I had taken this session on 12th July 2006, a Wednesday. Today is 3rd August 2006, Thursday. I wrote this series in scattered concentration but had the hints on paper, the day after the interview.

I have tried my level best to convey what I learnt from my friends in the simplest possible language. I am running this through them to ensure that I have not written anything that they have not told.

I have marked my comments on and off in between the posts, which is purely my interpretation. This series of posts is open to your comments and interpretations.

A gentle reminder to all of you who read this: I really respect the friendship me, Madhav and Rajini share. This interview has been given only based on my questions. Please do not be judgmental about Rajini or Madhav .

I welcome any comment on this article . Just ensure that your comment does not hurt the stars of my interview. I value their time, insights, patience, and friendship always. Thanks Madhav, Thanks Rajini.

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