Saturday, August 12, 2006

Child's mind - WYSIWYG Editor

A child' s mind is more like a WYSIWYG ( What you See is What You Get) editor. What the child sees is what gets into the mind.
Such a WYSIWYG editor in a child's mind carefully edited and saved all that happened in AVM Studio, Chennai about 20 years ago .

AVM Studio was bustling with activity. Superstar Rajinikanth,the famous movie star of the tamil filmdom was busy starring in the shooting of a 'to-be-a-definite-superhit'-movie.
It was not very uncommon for the children of the producers, directors, artists to land up at the shooting spots to just have fun with the movie crew. The Producer's son who had developed a major liking to his father's profession, was also there at the spot. The heros, the stunts, the cameras, the sounds, the lights, the dances, the dialogues, the crowd and the tension, translated into one word - 'Fun', to this six-year-old.

As he stood watching Super star in action that day, he got noticed by the hero. So after the scene was shot, Rajini came over to play with the boy. As the star and the child started talking, the child became friends with the Star very easily. So, after every shot, he started waiting for his friend, the Actor, to join him.

As the most popular artist, Rajini always had thousands of onlookers who wait outside the shooting zone to catch a glimpse of him, to have a picture taken with him, to talk to him, and to get his autograph. On this particular day, there were a number of college students waiting outside the studio.The morning session was over and people were dispersing for lunch.

The two friends were together when the Actor signed the Autograph books and took photos with the students. The little boy noticed an old, poor, and lame man sitting on a wooden plank with wheels. He wheeled his way along the opposite side of the road and tried to use his hands as support to get the wooden plank and thereby himself onto the pavement. With great difficulty he managed to get on to the pavement and positioned himself at the right place so he can see Superstar's face. As the little boy's stare at the scene was intense and as he was too quiet, Rajini also followed his gaze and noticed the admirer.

He immediately walked over to the old man, sat beside him on the pavement and started talking. It seemed that the old man and the Actor were good old friends, for they had so much to exchange. Rajini ordered Non-vegetarian food according to the old man's taste. He called the camera man over to take a snap of the two of them. The old man's face glowed for a minute, the boy noticed.

Later that evening, when Rajini was leaving the Studio, his little friend stood waving 'bye' to him. He watched as the Star stepped out of his car, gave few new sets of clothes to the Old man. He handed over a paper cover with the photograph of the old man and himself taken early that afternoon.
The smile of gratitude on the oldman's face and the sense of contentment on the Actor's face got etched on the little boy's mind.

The little boy grew up to be a software engineer and happens to be my friend. He adores the Actor. When I chanced to talk to him about his 'Hero' one day, he told me this unforgettable incident. I can clearly see the impact this incident has made on him and his attitude towards people and life at large.

Mind is definitely a WYSIWYG editor..........I think it is important to remember the WYSIWYG editor every time we deal with children. A child's mind is a clean slate and it records anything that happens around. Let's contribute to the niceties that a child learns in life by carefully choosing what we talk and what we do in front of a child. Next time a kid is around, handle your words and deeds with care.

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