Saturday, August 12, 2006

Rajini, Madhav and Me - Part 4

Patience: I have always admired Rajini's patience. It is said that programmers require patience. I asked if these Gurus also thought so.

Rajini says that he tends to get angry and Madhav knows better.There have been times when anger has got the better of him, but since his principle of commitment comes in between often, he appears to be patient enough to handle it.

Madhav says that every walk of life actually requires a certain amount of patience. At work, this is not a major requirement when things are organized. You may not have to get hyper about anything at all if work is process-oriented and if you have certain level of sincerity at work. He admits that there are times when things do not work out ( as it is in most situations, if Murphy's law chooses to trigger off ) and patience becomes a mandate.

To Madhav, the problems with the parking facility and lift breakdowns and other such out-of-context problems cause as much, if not more tension, than the mails, calls, issues, meetings, and the thoughts of all these piling up in the work desk every morning. To cut the long story short, office and environment do matter for a peaceful work life in his opinion.

I have always wanted to know if people felt they are appreciated for what they are or have done at work. So I asked : It is a very important occasion in your office. You are on the dais because the success of a particular project is being attributed to you. Can you imagine this situation?

Yes came the answer.( Felt glad.) Both of them could imagine the situation. The office has not staged a show, but then these people have been appreciated for what they have done. They knew to acknowledge appreciations.

The session shifted out of office topics for sometime. The next question was about their interests. There are times when I have seen them working when I came in at 8.30 in the morning and when I left work place at 8.00 in the evening. The next morning when you come in, you will see these people in the same posture playing with the keys on the keyboard as if they were composing music for the International Music festival or some hi-fi award function. I can't even manage a smile if I were in such a situation. I have wondered if they ever had something called interests in life after college. If they had, did they have time for it?

This question brought instant cheers to the already cheerful guys.Madhav is a great fan of English movies, mostly mysteries and action. Of late, he has got interested in business news and the tips and tricks to handle business.He loves spending time all by himself. He takes time to do whatever he feels like once in a while without any restrictions that he himself or others tend to impose on him. These days getting in touch with people and being a part of friends network interests him. He is a new entrant to recalls that he was into Scouts team as a school boy. Basket ball and Table Tennis are his favorite sports. These days he does not get to play as much as he wants to, partly because he does not have time to, and partly because his brother who is his TT companion is not in Chennai.

Rajini's interests are mostly Research and Development on new technologies that spring up in the software industry. He loves watching Actor Rajinikanth's movies. He adores this actor so much that I chose Rajini as his alias name for this interview post. He did not have much to say about his interests because he does not have time to spend for any of his interests right now.

Hopefully Rajini will change to his own self after a few years, because his work life is just 5 years old. It is said, over the years, people realize that 'Life is afterall more than just Work'.

My weekends are usually packed with lot of things to attend to, things that I never had time to work on during weekdays. I always thought what the weekends of these software industry-worshippers were like. Rajini catches up on his sleep that he had lost all week. For the amount of work he does six days a week , I am not surprised if sleep is his priority over the Sunday.

Madhav seems to manage with less sleep, but votes for a Sunday afternoon nap to start a bright week. His weekends are for his loving family and English movies. Theatre is a strict 'No-No' says Madhav.
Work is always there. It is upto you to cheer up and pep up yourself doing all that you want to do and gear up for the tough week ahead. That is our lesson from this question.

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