Saturday, August 12, 2006

Rajini, Madhav, and Me - Part 5

Friends.... Everyone has a friend. Proverb says 'Every enemy has a friend'. What do these people feel about their friends.?

Madhav has a lot of good friends at work. Considering that he spends most of his time at work, he is happy about the friends circle he has. He says he will miss them for sure, if he steps out of the company some day.

Rajini says he had a very good circle of friends back in college. Ofcourse, his work place has earned him a good set of friends too. With less time to have fun and confide, he seems to miss them often these days. Over the years, he has lost touch with most of them. He plans to take steps to renew the friendship and get in touch with his circle of friends. He has signed up on, the latest friendzone.

Your Goals : It was a little difficult for me to take it when Rajini said that he did not have any major goal. Now this is one answer, I cannot take from any youngster. Everyone has a goal, mostly hidden. Till it happens it stays as a dream and when it works out, it becomes an achieved goal. I was determined to get the answer out of him. I promised that I would not laugh.

You will be surprised to know that Rajini wants to Produce movies and act in guest roles in some of them.I was surprised in the beginning, later it dawned on me that work is different from what one's passion is. I wished him every success to reach his goal and have asked tickets for the premiere show of his movie. He should definitely venture out on movie making someday, so the Tamil film-lovers can watch movies with a tint of ethical touch.

One of Madhav's dreams and target goal is to start his own company some day. He concentrates on people-skills to reach his goal post. He says ' The company does not necessarily have to be a software company. A HR consultancy is what he wants to own.

A bill board of the news paper 'Business Line', put up in one of Chennai's main roads says: Cubicles are assigned... Corner Offices are earned.... I am sure he will earn a number of corner offices all over the world.

After all, we know, that Hard work pays.. For both these Gurus, hardwork is a built-in factor. So reward is assured, sooner or later.

The next thought that came up immediately was if the experience in the software industry is going to help my friends meet their goal. Clearly the HR consultancy and production company do not have even the remote links to software programming.They hope that the people skills and situation-handling that they learn in the industry will definitely come in handy somewhere.

'Experience makes a man perfect' a proverb from my chemistry professor's long physical chemistry sessions popped in to say 'hi' to me.:)

Another straight forward question- Are you practical?

Madhav says 'Yes I am mostly practical, when it comes to work.... Personally all situations cannot have practical answers. Emotions creep in and practicality fades especially when it comes to my loved ones.'. It looked like Rajini had the same points to share.

I liked the idea of emotions not getting into workplace. When disagreements happen at work, it is the practicality that helps handle the situation and in turn your temper.

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