Saturday, August 12, 2006

Rajini, Madhav, and Me - Part 3

The conversation was proceeding very cool. I had this clock ticking inside my head saying:"Deeps, you are taking a little too much of their time". Still, I just went on, after confirming if the Gurus were having something to attend to immediately. I am sure they would have had something to take care of immediately, but then the conversation went on .

When asked about the time each of them spent for themselves each day, Madhav said "about three hours roughly". He was surprised when I said I had about an hour and a half only for myself, considering I was less busy than he was. Rajini said, he did not have much time for himself. He had about 10 minutes all by and for himself.

He says he would improve on that when Madhav explained : It is important to take time for yourself, to do what you want to , the way you want to do it. Basically 'Live for yourself atleast once in a while' would be the principle for a healthy, happy life.

Madhav spends time for himself almost every day doing what he likes, movies mostly.These days spending time with his eight-month old daughter tops the list of his likes.

Extended Work Hours: Rajini is sandwiched between work demands and time lines. For him extended work hours is all that he has been going through from the day I joined this office( which is about two years from now). He says the commitment to adhere to the time line, however unreasonable it may sound, becomes important sometimes. Madhav explains that better processes and organized way of planning might reduce this kind of pressure at work. Lot of times there is very less one is able to do on management decisions is what he feels.

I gave them a fancy situtation - Given a choice to swap roles in your organization, whose role would you take up and why?

Madhav quickly and calmly said that he is happy the way he is. Once in a while, it is important to pat yourself and appreciate yourself for what you are is what Madhav believes. As for Rajini, he is happy about the person he is.They clearly do not seem to like imitations.

A thought from my Moral Science sessions back in school came into my mind without knocking:'Understand that everyone is unique'.

Rajini happily puts in if atall there is one swap in life he would even consider, it is to become Actor Superstar Rajinikanth, a role model and most widely hero-worshipped person among the Tamilians..

Given a choice to change your career what would that be?
Rajini wants to become an actor. He says he does not want a hero role. The guest appearances in the last 5 minutes of the movies, or the most unforgettable co-artist roles fascinate him. He says, the movie is good if the guest appearance gets fixed on your mind frame, which I think is true.

Madhav wants to start his own business. His interest inclines towards teaching also. He says, that might be because he admires the teacher in his mother. He recalls that he was lucky to have had a good set of teachers throughout his school and college life.Everyone remembers atleast one teacher who has made a difference. The three of us drifted off to our own worlds for a minute, thinking of some of the teachers who have a hand in our professional and personal life.

When I heard Madhav mention his mother, the next spontaneous question I asked was 'How long do you get to talk to her each day?'.
I find that all software geeks have more time for their computer, their internet connection, their mail boxes ( these days people don't spend much time on personal mails I guess), Research and Development work related to software and references on money-making than spending time to talk to their loved ones.
So just wanted to take a chance to ask these friends of mine if they had time to spend with their 'Amma'.
Madhav spends about half an hour with Amma if she is around and about one hour on the phone talking to her if she is out of town. Rajini spends about ten minutes every day.

I am glad all the same, because I know of people who do not take time for their parents at all. Everything else takes priority I guess, because, everything else if not attended to involves serious threats whereas close relationships do not demand and sadly are often being taken for granted.

I did not want Madhav and Rajini to say they did not have time for their 'Amma'. There are times when you expect some answers and you are glad if you get the same answers. This was one such answer and I was glad I heard what I wanted to.

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