Monday, April 03, 2006

First Interview

All firsts have an importance. In those lines, this is my first interview for the book i dream of writing someday..........

I typed out around 35 questions and took it to this Miss.Busy friend of mine who had given me an appointment to talk to her on Work Place or Paradise.

Now, for those of you who wonder why should i take appointments, u forget that i am starting out as a writer and would need people's attention completely when they talk to me. I dont want to land up at their desks at the wrong time. I better start out professionally where you talk for the appointed number of minutes to the appointed person at the appointed time. Lot of people think that i am being formal though.

The questions are on the lines of work life and personal life of a person.

She is a sincere, dutiful, responsible programmer of a team which is forever motivated by 'Work is Worship' proverb. A good morning wish cheers her up. She takes her mistakes seriously, is not a perfectionist,and has a mix of 'Easy to satisy', 'Hard to manage' and 'Quick to get tensed' attitudes.

Music , she says, keeps her cool. She sleeps for five to seven hours a day. The rest of the day is all about work mostly. Programs ( Sequel queries in particular) are the
heros of her dreams. When asked for an instance of heights of joblessness she tries hard to recall one such instance and finally replies 'NONE'. That simply means she
loves what she is doing.

Some of the interesting questions from the interview and the exact answers i got for them are here for your glance:

Your ideal day at work:

Does walking into the office cheer you?
Smiles again.

Your weekend:
Sleeping at home

If you were asked to give a tag line for yourself what would that be?
Soft and Reserved

If given a chance to change your career what would that be?
Any career related to computers that allows a balance between work and home along with an ample money to lead life.

If given a chance to swap a role within the organization, whose role would you like to take up?
I would not be able to answer about the swapping, but I would like to perform like my PM who is versatile, has got good balance between tech and management, is good at
analytics, is well focused and always keeps things under control. ( Dont u think you need to know about this Mr.Outstanding PM of hers? I think 'Yes'. Lets see if i can
catch up a conversation with him and know what he he has to say for us.)

What, in your perspective, gets the work done – Constant follow up, Anger, Warnings, Pat on the back?
Constant follow up and Pat on the back.

Are u happy at work?
Fifty-Fifty for a 'Yes' and 'No'

Do you remember your recent dream?
Yes… It was about some technical problem at work. It was pending for about 2 days on my mind without solution.

What is your idea of peace?
It depends on your state of mind.

How many minutes or hours do you get for yourself per day on an average ?
15 minutes to half an hour

Your idea of success
Think Positive, try to get along with people. Remember to be good at communication.

Your idea of failure
Ignorance. ( May be according to the software minds, it is no more a bliss , as against the proverb "Ignorance is a Bliss')

How many hours in a day do u think u can concentrate non-stop?
I cant concentrate non - stop ( Non-stop sometimes reminds us of 'Nonsense'.)

Do your folks at home complain about your work timings and the temperament u carry home from workplace?
I don’t carry work tension over to my people though it is on my mind. They have complaints about my work timings though.

It is an important occasion at home. You get a frantic call from your boss asking you for some clarification that might require you to report to workplace as early as possible.. What will be your first move? How will you handle your people at home?

I will tell my folks that it is important for me to go and leave the house immediately.

How would u react when the situation is vice versa ? You are in office and there is a call from home.. In any case, both the situations demand ur attention.. What will be your move?
I will tell my boss that it is important for me to go home and leave office immediately.

That was Miss. Busy. I left some of the questions with her and gave her her own time to answer them all. When she turned in her responses, I drafted this.I thank my friend for her time. I believe that the time she has spent talking to me would prove very important for a lot of people who read this page.

Of what good is the analysis to us? According to what I have understood, everybody doesn’t get to experience everything in life… You need to learn from others’ experiences. An interview is a mode of getting into someone else’s mind. I think what we read just now is nothing but the truth. Only then will i be able to conclude something at the end of this interview series...

It is to be noted that this text is published on this blog with the permission of the concerned person. In interviews, I have decided not to publish the names of the persons concerned. The text in this post has been read and verified by the star of the article.

You obviously have the right to send in your opinion on anything related to this post. Please ensure that your comments do not hurt the star of the article in any way. Thanks a lot.


Anonymous said...

I think you had made an excellent start for a writer, this is good on especially on the interview and my best wishes.

Dew Drop said...

I have no idea who you are since the name says 'Anonymous'. I am trying to learn how to handle comments in a blog. I would like to thank you for your time and the wishes.
Have a nice day,
Dew Drop

prasanna said...

my honest opinion, concentrate on your style deeps. the writer needs to get out of himself first.

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