Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My article on ' Work Place - A Paradise ?' begins like this:

Work Place…. It could be a paradise, if only we want to make it one. For a few people it identifies as a place that gives as much happiness and peace of mind as would any other hobby. For most others, it is a place to which they come and go just because a bank balance is credited at the end of the month. Which of these sounds better? I am sure ‘The Paradise’ sounds better than just another ‘Place’.

The article and the conclusion that we will be able to draw from it would require opinions on a few points from interesting people i come across. My blogs will have such interviews on and off for all of us to analyse. Let us believe that the friends I interview, speak the truth. The questions pivot on Work Place and Mind states of the people.

Later, when i have spoken to a definite number of people , i plan to close the article with excerpts from the interviews.

Towards this end, i have spoken to one of my "ever-willing-to-help" friends and colleague. She is fortunate to work for one of the best teams of the company.

I hope to catch up a conversation with the other team members and leaders some day when they find "Time" to tell me about their success as a team.

Will post the interview later. have some work to do now.


nithya said...

Subject matter fine! Focal point seems to lie under an hectare of sunflowers. Or is it yet to come? You seem to get carried away with the extra-fittings. :)

Dew Drop said...

Thanks for all the comments Nithy..

Yes, i do realise that there is lot of extra fittings in the work.

Facts have to be cooked to an edible dish. Not many people like raw dishes...

That is why the extra fitting and the flavor...

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