Monday, April 10, 2006

Response to E-mails.

How often do we realise the importance of response to an e-mail communication ? Only when there is a major problem or when there is an appreciation or when your opinion is explicitly asked for.

Admittedly these three contexts are good reasons for you to write back to e-mails but there are other reasons you could possibly consider.

Some one has actually thought of
1. Sending you a mail
2. Addressing you by name or as Dear
3. Spending time on the e-mail message
4. Wishing you well or saying 'Thanks' or 'Good Day' or 'Thanks and Regards' as a sign-off line

In group emails, apart from the content of the email,your name in the mailing list and the time that the sender has invested in writing the message are two good reasons for you to respond to the email.

This idea applies to cases when you dont write back because you dont have time.. This does not apply to situations when one deliberately avoids writing back to emails. I have no comments on the later case.

Watch out for the next article on the e-mails in the next post.

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Hari said...

Check list is worth to read every morning and before bed time. I learnt the 4th point during my initial days of my job. One should not fell bad upon mistakes. Best thing is to take the lesson from it.

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