Saturday, April 15, 2006

Take a little Time to....

Take a little time each day to....

1. Pray for your loved ones
2. Admire Nature
3. Appreciate whole-heartedly
4. Greet your acquaintances as you walk past them
5. Learn something new
6. Respond to your e-mails
7. Share a Joke
8. Recall appointments with people
9. Plan your calendar
10. Maintain promises
11. Listen to a friend in need
12. Speak to your Loved ones
13. Say 'Thank You'
14. Read few pages of a book that interests you
15. Listen to Music
16. Understand people
17. Count your Blessings
18. Spend with your ‘SELF’

These thoughts just sprang up on my mind when I was just finishing a technical document. I have no idea why, but then i think these eighteen points are worth a try.

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