Monday, May 21, 2018

Splash on Forgetfulness

There came an unusual blog request today where the sender apparently has forgotten the topic he was about to suggest for my post. 

The mail said: I forgot the topic :)

Here's my quick attempt at what I saw as an interesting topic:

  • What you forget, can usually wait.
  • To forget is a blessing, especially the thoughts of an unpleasant past.
  • Forgetting an ‘Exchange of courtesy' and Forgetting ‘Respect' are not acceptable.
  • When you forget something, it only means something else is taking up a lot of mind space at the moment. You must excavate it out, to remember the new priorities and good old memories.
  • When we completely forget people, places, happenings, feelings, respect, courtesy, and self, it is called dementia. 
  • It is important to forget the past unpleasantness to serve a better present and work for a greater future.
  • Forgetfulness is the greatest plus point without which our mind cannot process life's road ahead.
  • You won’t die of forgetfulness unless you cut an apple and shove the knife into your throat instead of the apple slice.
  • To forget happenstances is to let go. 
  • To forget brooding about unhappy facts is to just let it be and take the next step.
  • To forget misunderstandings and hurt, is to forgive. 
  • To forget love for people is sad.
  • To forget a friend is a stroke of bad luck.
  • Forget the mistakes. Remember not to repeat them.
  • Forget. Sometimes consciously.
  • Forget it. You are not the first one to go through it!!

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