Friday, May 18, 2018

Sales impact by the lonely man amid women's wear!

It was a rainy evening and I needed a quick stop because I was not carrying an umbrella. I spotted a women’s garments store. It looked a quiet little outlet ( Really smart store ) that sold almost everything that a woman would need. I did have a few things to pick up too. So thought, while I wait for the rain to stop, might as well check out the shop's shelves.

There was a young chap working at his counter with a calculator and a laptop. All around him were stuff that a lady would need. I was surprised a bit by the comfortable look he had on his face amidst what would be an alien set up to me if I were a man. 

I quickly looked around for a lady sales clerk. I did not find anyone. I asked him if they had a lady to assist me with my queries on the things that I wanted to buy. He quickly said they did not have a lady on staff.

I chose to walk out of the store. Albeit, conservative South Indian woman’s mentality that may have made me do that, I still wonder how stores employ men to do some woman-centric sales jobs. Before I left, I did tell him, please get a lady on board and you’ll have more women visiting your store because the stuff you sell is good but we need a lady to ask the questions which surely, she can answer more accurately and comfortably than you would ever be able to.

This is not the first time. This is the fourth walk-out I did over a period of time and in the next few months of my visit, I have noticed that a lady had been appointed at each of these stores. I thought "Some benefit for a business because of a feedback from me or people like me!!!”

Sales are affected by many parameters and the most important one being the sales personnel you employ in your store. 

Here’s my reel of thoughts:
  • The customer should be able to feel at ease talking to your sales clerk.
  • The customer should believe that your clerk knows what she is talking. Leave sale of men’s gear to men and women’s wear to women because you won’t be able to speak for the stuff you never had a chance to use.
  • The shop should have stocks that are rolling quickly, for which you need customers. Keep a store to attract customers and not chase them away.
  • How boring would it be to be a lonely man selling women's garments in a shop all day!!!

These were my quick thoughts as I walked out of the store.

I am also tempted to think that it is just me and my conservative mind at play.

Maybe.. the shopkeeper believes that every woman on the road is going to shop comfortably for her very personal needs based on the data points and clarifications he gives! And maybe a lot of others find it easy to talk to men about women's wear.

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