Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Clear Mind for a Better You! - Psychologists know to help!!

On a technical document today, I read this acronym, TOA. I checked with my colleague if it meant 'Terms of Agreement' as it seemed to fit the context. Hours later, I got to know TOA expands as 'Token of Apology'. How different it was from my interpretation of the same!!!

Misunderstanding the terms 'Token of Apology' and 'Terms of Agreement', is not acceptable in the context of the text I was reading today.

My wonder-filled and wandering mind at once worked:

Given that I can understand one acronym incorrectly, wonder how many more such things, people, situations, concepts can exist today amidst us? 

For a situation, in the temperament of a set of people each with her own background/stress/personality traits/strengths/Weakness, people can interpret a concept very different from its intended meaning. In such a complex scenario of many limits at play, each person can differently understand a point because the meaning, the intended meaning, the interpretation of the meaning, the interpretation of the intended meaning, and the assumptions in the mind may be different and may contradict the original intention.

Considering the complexity, it helps to note that the multiple situations which each person faces every day and the diverse challenges that each one of them poses to the individual’s psychology, make it tough to reach a consensus. 

The hidden ‘egoist’ in every one of us, contributes to pushing the disagreements up to the hilt, which makes people feel angry, rejected, disinterested, upset, depressed, and stressed in the mind, beyond comprehension.

This may be the reason for so many mistaken situations, misunderstood relationships, misleading concepts, misfired tempers, and missed pieces in the puzzle of each one’s life. We need to have all these misfits placed in our minds to keep our mind sane!

Psychologists worldwide have been the advocates of 'Mind Health', one of the surest way to Physical health. 

It is fascinating that a whole discipline called 'Psychology' in education devotes its effort to the physically unseen - Mind!!! 
It is fascinating that actual people with the ability to 'mind' their Mind called 'Psychologists', try to find the logic behind the illogical behavior of the intangible mind.

When we are in a situation and cannot sneak out on own or with the help of people we can confide in, what we need to do is just talk to a psychologist.  They understand the gymnastics of the human mind and help us remove the knots in our mind. Once our mind is clear of the misunderstanding or gets the affirmation, we can clearly see things, people, situations, our own responses, and actions.
  • Clear mind: clear vision
  • Clear vision: clear comprehension
  • Clear comprehension: clear intention
  • Clear intention: clear response
  • Clear response: clear solution 
  • Clear solution: clear action
  • Clear action: definite success
If we accept that we are in trouble and need help, we have successfully climbed the first flight of stairs to better mental health.

"Rule yourself better with a clear mind! - Keep yourself collected at all times!!. 

Seek help, if you must. 
Be happy, because you deserve to be!

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