Sunday, May 13, 2018

Food For Health

Rather an unusual post on my history of blogging.

I always stay away from talking and writing about health, nutrition, fitness, and food as I think I am not yet ready to preach. I am still trying to get a grip on these aspects and practice.

I know, I should have by now, but for some reason, I still cannot resist few things in front of me -

Vanilla Icecream: Please keep the nuts and the chocolate sauce out of the off/half white delicious, creamy and simply plain vanilla essence of it. I like it that way!! That's a hint for all those who are wondering how to make me smile, if at all!! :-)

Potato Chips: I mean crispy, spicy/salted, pale yellow/reddish yellow (it does exist only in the right make) potato chips are hard to resist.

Gulab Jamoon: Wonder who first made it!!! I have been thinking to check on Google. I savor every bite of the sweet. Finally, when the tongue cannot take any more of the sweet is when I can stop.

Chocolate Cake: This must be the best thing that happened to the Baking industry followed by ardent lovers of the cake like me!. Together life is good for you if you are a baker who knows to bake a chocolate cake and knows me!!!

Traditional appalams, vadaams, and other Fried stuff: that totally take your South Indian food to the next level and you to the 'Paradise' in terms of satisfaction. I am a big fan of you already, if you think the same way as me, in this regard! If you can't follow what I am saying, please come home or walk into the nearest Indian/South Indian restaurant and eat a meal. I hope to God that they serve good food there!!I certainly do.

I am proud of India's rich and varied cuisine. The world's best fast food is the Bhel Puri. Or is it Pav Bhaji... wait... could it be Pani Puri?? Or wait... Should I just say North Indian Chat?? Yes. That's mostly what I would sum it up to. 

Okay, so that's a little about my taste for food... I cannot resist these things. PERIOD. Then, suddenly the flooding Whatsapp messages brought this awareness in me that I can no longer eat as if nothing matters to me, as my body is aging slowly and steadily. I must start respecting it. Also, with so many advertisements on how food habits are the cause of all the diseases on earth, I just decided to take it a little serious earlier this year.

I still eat all of these items but I can limit them, can restrain my temptations. simply put, I can share my chocolate cake with you.  It is hard, but definitely not impossible.

With all these in my head, I walk into this programme I had registered for in March " Food for Health" in Bangalore by Saee Bapat and Parul, two unique advocates of healthy living.

Five minutes into their session, I crossed off one item after the other on my list of favorites... It felt so unfair to my tongue's punished taste buds I felt, but yes, the sense of responsibility that we should have towards our being, which Saee spoke about in her session changed my mind, almost in a few seconds.

Here are some myths that most of us live with:

1. Milk and Milk products are important for our children.
2. I cannot think of life without Milk.
3. One pizza won't harm me and that one happens every week.
4. The permitted food colors really mean that right? So why worry about artificial colors? There are folks who certify it, so I guess we should continue eating cakes.
5. My child eats more chips than veggies.
6. Food is about eating a full three-course meal.
7. We must eat four times a day.
8. We should give up lots of food and eat in small portions often each day.
9. Fruits are good all time of the day.
10. Unnecessarily why worry about calories? Kids are too small and they need all the energy. They burn it all well anyway.

If you have one or all of these pointers etched in your head, you must meet Saee and Parul. You will be happy you did.

Saee is a Yoga Practitioner and a Plant Nutrition advocate.

Parul who shares Saee's principles is a health-conscious baker who bakes healthy stuff.

Your kids can still continue to enjoy all the great taste, but in a healthy way with Parul and Saee's plant-based nutrition and health conscious bakes and treats. They even have some really grand recipes which are 1. Simple 2. Tasty 3. Healthy 4. Attractive 5. Vegetarian

I am glad I went for their session conducted in Unnati Library, Prestige Shanthi Niketan, Whitefield, Bangalore, in the last week of March 2018. Some blessings are definitely disguised. If you are lucky, you may stand a chance to identify them coming your way. Just click those links and you might just find yourself lucky, you did!!

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Wow! Wish I were in Bangaluru; I too would have attended this. Your blog has made it more interesting as well as intriguing (the myths have made it thus)..😊

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