Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Memories - As we Make It

A short story as heard…

On a late evening, a group of college students was gathered to celebrate their friend’s birthday. The beautiful girl was dressed in her best party outfit, new and pretty, and her smiles flashed that she was truly happy. ( I smiled too..)

Outside the gate, three boys were into a big argument about something and it turned ugly and unfair for one of them. He was visibly hurt as seen from his eyes. ( I could sense that too..)

However, as it was time for the party, they had to move indoors. They were well-mannered people in that they decided to honor the invite in spite of the bad turn of events. ( Must’ve been really grim, I thought..)

A few others in the group had caught what’s going on too. ( Made it worse, I imagined… )

The hurt man walked into the hall with a raging temper.. (Yes, takes a lot to calm immediately after a stormy verbal match. )

A smart young lady who was his friend swiftly walked up to him.( I liked her instantly. A friend stands by your side when you need support.) 

He said something to her in a raging temper to which she calmly, reassuringly, and assertively said “ I understand. Save the temper for tomorrow. Today is her day. Let’s help her make happy memories “.
( Beautiful thought...I realized)

How often do we spoil another person’s mood even if she does not belong in the fight or its fall out, by speaking/fighting/arguing/being temperamental/emotional without thinking?? I have done many times. It has always been my temper over-powering me than the other person’s fitment in the whole story.

What remains in life is memories. I am learning it well and have it right. 

To the party host and the princess of the evening, if this young man had spoken up his temper and the scene had changed, it would come up as part of her sweet memories every time. 

We do not want stains in happy moments. None of us do. So, why not ensure the same for the rest of the world too?? Why not wait a bit, think a little, assess the place, event, and context before expressing unpleasantness?

Credits and Thanks:

I thank the friend who narrated this little event to me, of which I made a quick story, as I pictured of it and spoke what I felt. Golden advice like these have to be rewarded by simply remembering to follow them until it becomes ingrained in us. I thank the friend in the story whose wisdom bit is worth a try.

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