Thursday, March 08, 2018

How much is too much? How much is Enough? How much does it take to be content?

I looked up "Technical writing trends online" when an idea occurred to me as I was writing today. I saved the lookup for the afternoon, because I knew I will need a diversion. Upon a few casual clicks on the subject I was looking for ( Simplified Technical English ), I figured out something…
  1. Every one is unsure of the importance of his/her job in the other person’s mind.
  2. There is a race for being on-top-of-everything in a given field to grow up the ladder.
  3. There is a confusion about being a generalist and specialist. "Which is fancy now?” is a big race in the already maddening race that we are on.
  4. How much is too much? is still a big question in life when it comes to knowledge and learning.
  5. "Do you have to know this and this and this also to be what you want to be?? “ is according to me a perineal professional dilemma.
  6. Where are you as a person anywhere?? You can be an engineer, a doctor, a professional with a million claps by half of the globe’s population for your professional feat, but personally, does anyone even care a lil about what you may have gone through to make it there?
  7. When will people understand that more and more of work and its superficial threats to existence such as career goals, expectations, furthering skills and knowledge etc... and less and less of real connections with people, make a man sick, poor, and foolish??
  8. Just what do we want to achieve? - Fame? Name?Money?Perfection?
  9. Whom do we want to satisfy? - Ourselves? Other people?
  10. It is either over-evaluating or undermining ourselves more often than not, which makes us as fidgety as we all are.
  • Every site says their business is the best. What is the benchmark of Good, Better and Best in anything?
  • Every professional claim his work deserves a promotion. If everyone gets promoted who will do the not-so-key jobs? And How many CEOs can a company have anyways?
  • Every employer says that the employee should have done better. Why did you not say earlier on anyways?
  • Every employee says that the company should provide better benefits. What will keep an employee happy anyways?
  • Every customer says the business needs to be more customer-centric. Who else do they think the business is making products for?
  • Every business claims that the customers today have changed ways. Really?? Value for Money has changed, so has the customer may be?
Coming to think of the complete picture, every one is just plain unhappy with what ever situation they are in. Most do not say. Have we forgotten what real happiness may be like?? 

May be!. Its just too fast-paced a world, to stop and think about how much happy we ought to be than our ancestor generations when food, clothing, and shelter were all it took for people to Smile, be Happy and Thankful too!!.

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