Friday, June 04, 2010

On Spring

Most of the tropical India is tiding through scorching heat of the summer and I am writing about spring here. :-)

During a conversation with a friend yesterday, I heard this line:

Spring comes once a year.

How true!!! Well, its not that I am hearing about seasons for the first time, but then there was a zen moment when I understood that we cannot expect everything to go on the way it is.

Suddenly, some proverbs and sayings made total sense:

Nothing lasts forever, not even your troubles
This will also pass through
There is always a time for everything

Looks like, nature has all the laws of life painted clearly. It seems that it has answers to all questions that our restless minds raise all the time. Its just that we need to learn to connect with nature to understand the norms of life...

The sea, the breeze, the mountain, the seasons, the sun, the moon, the stars, the sky, the wind, the brook, the stream, the sand, the tree, the bird, the cloud, the rain, the flower, the grass - All of them, I am sure, have many more lessons to teach. we just need to search to follow.

Quick Staple : Spring comes once in a year.

Accept the hot summer, the chill winter, and the moderate autumn to welcome the brightness of the enjoyable spring. When it is spring, just enjoy the time.


Ωρίωνλφκε said...

Oh but wait... I hear India has two seasons. One is hot and the other not so hot :)

Deepak G said...

bangalorela irundaa ippadi dhan pesa tonnum :) come back here to chennai...but yest n today was ok

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