Thursday, June 24, 2010

The constant surprise that beats everything else

There is so much happening around me. Our house and home is getting ready for a very festive occasion in the family. My mind has been super-busy.

Last night, I almost nodded off to sleep when my phone beeped. A very devoted citizen of the cell phone world, that I am, I picked up to see that one of my good friends was getting admitted in the hospital for her first delivery. Amazing, how this one news keeps me thrilled and excited and concerned every time, in the last so many years. I called her up, wished her well and slept off hoping that I would see the message about her new born this morning. As of this post, which is about eleven hours after the message, she is still in the hospital waiting for her baby. And so am I.

Amidst all the thoughts running on my head, this one thought about the to-be born baby and my friend keeps me too occupied. Said a silent prayer when my phone beeped again.

This message was from another friend who just got into the hospital for her first delivery too. Called her up, wished her well too. Since morning, these two people are on my mind more than anything or anyone else.

Strange how the mind gets excited about a new born baby, every time, no matter what you are doing. Heard of so many child births in my family and friends' circle and every time I have noticed the excitement is just the same. Not one bit less.

There has not been a single instance of child birth that I have heard so far, where the news did not come as a surprise. Plan as much as you want, wait as much as you have to, predict as much as possible, but the good news is usually a complete surprise!!!!Even the doctors cannot explain why they are unable to predict the exact hour, minute and second of a baby's birth.

Labor - Child birth - New born baby; A proof that there is a super power over and beyond our imagination. The only instance where the ego levels for women become sub-zero, I think.

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