Friday, June 25, 2010

International Tamil Conference - Hear say

There are a number of opinions floating around in the state about the International Tamil Conference, being held in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. I was not too keen on commenting about it. I always believe that there are people who surely know what they are doing and what they are getting into. Often, we may not be in a position to understand why they are doing what they are. So, although I had my own view points about this conference, rather about the large scale spending that is happening in the state for this conference, I chose not to comment.

This morning, I heard an old lady remark : Wonder if someone can take me straight to the conference venue to meet the Chief Minister. I would ask him what is the significance of this conference and the money splurged in it, to the villages in Tamil Nadu where they have to run for about a kilometer's distance to fetch a pail of water.

Apparently, last week there was a T.V programme that showed the plight of a specific village in Tamil Nadu where people struggled so much for water.

Makes me wonder, where are we headed? If we are talking about culture and tradition and keeping up the Tamil trends and heritage alive, it can still be done in small scale.

My opinions aside, I still strongly believe there should be some profit to the country and state that results from this conference, else how would the authorities answer questions that are floating around, like the one I just heard from the well-informed old lady?

Its a strange little political world with quaint big questions floating around!!!!! Keeps your brows knotted in doubt all the time...

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SG said...

Adding to this, they are also going to change street names that are in english (like Sterling Road) to some tamil equivalent. Besides the cost of installing new signs, think of the confusion it would cause in the already out-of-control traffic....on the other side the country is still not ready for the commonwealth really scared about where the country is heading !

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