Friday, April 13, 2018

Mind the Contents of your MIND

This morning, I was looking for something and found a piece of newspaper with a news article on a ‘No-brainer’ technique to something.

Books say that we already use little of our brain power. More of automation, simplification, and 'no-brainer' tips/techniques/tricks may just end up in a rusty and lazy brain in us and the 'growing up' younger generation, is my subtle, yet, pronounced worry.

While we want everything automated, simplified, and made as convenient as possible, we forget that we should have more time to live. Do we have that kind of time today?

Without these luxuries and engineered lives we have today, how did our previous generation do it all, yet have time and live a better life than we all do??

The answer to this question is a simple realization I had:
We always want more.

With the underlying belief of always wanting more of things, people and their time, we have derailed from the path of what matters:  
Contentment, Value Principles, Empathy, Soulful existence.

While each of these is a whole branch of study on its own, let us focus on the present condition of our generation that is pivoted on the word, ‘More’.
  • want more and work long hours.
  • work more and feel too tired.
  • tire more and get angry a lot.
  • rage more and move away from people.
  • drift more and feel alone most times. 
  • feel lonely and our minds gather clutter.
  • clutter more and have no space in the mind for anything fresh and new.
  • dwell in negatives and rot inside.

It is time, dear friends, to find a way out of this whirlpool. For that, we must understand this rotten state of mind better.

What happens to a rotten tomato in your refrigerator??
It finds no use. If not discarded, your refrigerator will stink. Chances are the other stuff in the fridge would get infected. If you use it, your tummy gets affected. You get into pain, pay the doctors and suffer until such a point when the infection fades off your body. So much for a single rotten tomato that goes unnoticed.

Now, think of all the rust, all the pain, all the worries, all the sinking feelings as rotten tomatoes and our 'Mind' as the refrigerator.

Get the drift? The refrigerator needs cleaning, to store fresh and healthy stuff.
We have to:
  1. Clear the 'rust' of the disturbing past. It is of no use! Scrape it off!
  2. Soothe the pain caused by the bygone distress. Do not relive it in your mind! Move on!
  3. Trash the worries of the present. Stop being apprehensive! Start ‘Doing’!
  4. Brush the sinking feeling. Do not let your negative feelings pull you down! Restore your inherent positivity!
I think you are with me, so far.

Now, let’s reflect on this chain of words for a minute:
Clear mind - Better Health - Positive Energy - Friendly Network - Greater Achievements - Natural Giving and Forgiving - Bigger Joys - Better Life

How does that feel??
Awesome!!! Doesn’t it?

Now, if you like what you just read, I am sure you are wondering
  • How do I go about cleaning my mind?
  • How do I ensure that the mind stays disinfected?
“Ask and you shall receive!” is the norm of the Universe.
Whether we decide to work on stress ourselves or choose to seek help from informed, dedicated, and empathetic professionals, what matters is, for our mind to stay disinfected always.

For many of us, our unspoken stresses may have caused a complete overhaul of our personality and healthy lives resulting in newer ailments, which makes it imperative to seek help for both the body and mind. While medical treatment of the ailments are necessary for the cure/treatment of the bodily issues, the stress that silently causes these ailments need to be cured/treated too.

I see online that there are support systems like Better Help providing the support that our generation really needs. I think we all should be bold, practical, and prudent in seeking help if we must!

Life is beautiful! Let us ‘joyfully live' and 'be fully alive' to make a difference in this world of beauty, opportunity, hope, promise, divinity, and love!

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Unknown said...

Enjoyed reading it till the last line.

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