Monday, April 02, 2018

Enjoy Life!

Enjoy Life! What could it be really??

On a casual yet, planned conversation yesterday with a friend of mine, he mentioned: "Somewhere along the way, we have forgotten to enjoy life". The ‘we’ referred to most people in the Indian sub-continent. I could not agree more.

An hour ago, in the Monday morning traffic, window-seated in a bus, I was listening to a very famous Tamil poet’s song: Chinnanchiru Kileye sung by a voice that practically can stop me on my tracks: Unnikrishnan. Oh! it was divine - the whole experience!

I watched the fresh green leaves of the Gulmohar trees lined up on the road, sway in a perfect choreography to the tune.

[I enjoy Bharatanatyam, the South-Indian classical dance, so much that I start mentally choreographing some really good musicals as I listen to songs. I did not chance to perform in twenty plus years now, still, the love of Bharatanatyam has not faded one bit in my being.]

The experience was all the more engagingly enjoyable and rewarding…

It took me a while to get back to the real world as the bus started moving again. Although I thanked God for the moving traffic again, I loved the traffic jam today because I was enjoying good lyrics, great music, soothing voice, the green color, the swaying dance steps, all at once.

Recalled my conversation with the friend on Enjoying life...

Little things like this, that last about five minutes are also to be counted in the book of ‘Life’ in the truest and fullest sense of enjoyment. I enjoyed my travel to work today.

[For those who are trying to see a meaning in enjoying a travel to work, "It took me two hours by bus to cover 10km in Bangalore on a Monday Morning".]

Coming to think of it, a good cup of morning coffee, distant chirp of a bird, the five minute rest after a good workout routine, the wafting by smell of a favourite food when you are hungry, a good movie, a nice music, a long walk, a sweet of your choice, a chocolate or a juice, a good book, a hug, a supportive and loving word and many more little, yet subtly meaningful things in life bring more joy and calm and hence meant to be ‘enjoyed' in this fast-paced, incentivized, and constantly-changing life.

Do we realize that every day, we get to enjoy little things in life that are often intangible, yet substantially rewarding for the soul/calm mind, in a bigger scheme of materialistic things which we are always after??

Makes me think:

We live by rules that someone set for us. What is a rule meant to achieve?? Joy? Not at all.

A rule is meant to achieve discipline, I agree, but not at the cost of losing track of the very idea of ‘Being’ in this beautiful chance of enjoyable existence called ‘Life’.

Let’s enjoy life for what it is and live by the minute and to our surprise, we would have enjoyed every minute :)

Again, there may be not-so-good minutes many times. Such dull minutes will pass. The Universe will send someone or an idea to help us through. Always!!!!

We are all in this TOGETHER!!!, in this thing called LIFE.

Moments make memories always !!! And Memories are all each of us, lives with. Let’s make them good for ourselves and others every single minute.Let’s enjoy a step at a time and realize the little joys that contribute to the verb ‘Enjoy’ in life.


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