Monday, December 25, 2017

Why above the knee??

Recently I joined work after a long break of seven years. Which means, I am a fresher to the current setup in the IT offices. Yes or no?? Yes, I think so.

With my conservative looks and modern thoughts ( that's what I believe, God knows if everyone thinks the same way too) I can easily pass off as a middle-aged woman ( lady?!) who can accept nonsense better than I could ten years ago. People who have met me ten years ago should meet me now, to check this statement of mine!

A cold and slow morning in Bangalore... I was wrapped in Sweater and scarf and battling a severe cold with a steaming hot cup of green tea ( !!!, I know.. I don't believe this too) and struggling to write one line which was definitely luring. After the tenth edit of the line, I kind of gave up and stood up for a break which is usually turning my eyes off the screen to change the line of sight for a few minutes.. so I get a different angle practically and it may sometimes work well for the sentence in the making!!

And there she was... A tattooed leg, high-heeled Sandals, Wheatish skin painted fair, A plain White sleeveless Frock which was flowing from the shoulders to her knees, and I must thank God for the white liner inside, and hair that never could behave like most other hair-dos in trend today...

This was an unexpected angle, especially when many pairs of eyes were visibly disturbed with this attire of this lady on the floor.

I went back to work and decided to mind my own business!!.

Next day... the same leg caught my eye.. which means I had to look up to see the color of the dress today... It was a navy blue, quite ravishing a design it was that cut to the figure right and can just knock out anyone on the floor. If I were a man, I would have definitely got caught for an inappropriate behavior on the floor that day!

I let it pass with no comment... Her legs, her interests, her choice!!! Why should I even be disturbed other than the fact that she is bold!!?? I didn't react at all.

Day three: I was on a phone call and this tattooed leg stopped me mid-sentence!!!
  • I mean, what is the problem with some women really?? 
  • Why can't they understand that they should try to get dresses that don't disturb the work atmosphere?? 
  • Why are we so lenient with the dress code in some offices??
  • Why can't we cover ourselves properly and come to work?? 
  • What's the problem with dresses that flow up to or just below the knees?? Why above??Kneecaps are not attractive anyway!
If we are copying the west, we must know that they don't dress inappropriately to work!!! They have a dress code for work, meetings, formal lunches and dinners and the social gatherings... 

It is a loud why!!!! There are many others, but none as strikingly unruly as this one!!

As most unanswered questions in this world, the dress sense to work, especially this lovely lady's, was occupying a lot of disk space on my head... So posted it here...

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