Saturday, April 18, 2015

Suddenly alone almost always

Sounding serious? Actually its about this person, I have been observing from my balcony for a month now. Its been a month in this new house and we have a road facing balcony where my children spend most of their time in the mornings and evenings.

The security guard and his family lives on the ground floor of every apartment in our locality. This person, a security's wife had a close friend Manisha, a security guarder's wife too. They had their own job routines to do and when they are free, they never spent a minute alone. From my balcony I could see that they were very good friends. I used to envy their friendship so much.

One fine morning, Manisha's family decided to move to their home town. Since then I used to see that her friend spending all afternoons alone. It is almost like she is waiting for Manisha and her family to get back. She never mingles with anyone else and is almost lost in a distant memory all the time.

It is really hard to sit stoned in a place for as long as four hours according to me. She looks and feels alone. Her husband spends the free time he has with her talking like her friend would do, but when he is not around, this lady seems lost in thoughts.

Word has it that she and Manisha have been great friends and it is difficult for her to take the separation. Friendship is amazing, more so in situations when there is less money or feasibility for sms,calls and emails. This lady is waiting for her friend. And I have information that Manisha is not coming back to Bangalore. I really hope her friend doesn't know this.

Many times I have missed my friends quite a lot but then coming to think of it now, the Internet has been a savior. The hundred and odd friends on the facebook pages make sure we don't get to miss friends.. and then there is google, whatsapp and many many more..

But wait.. friendship is really deeper than all these... right??

Friends are god sends... they are there for u at the right time and the right place. We have many friends who have been there at least once when we needed them. We may not realize, but that is what friends are.. Even if it is for a hello to lift a low mood on a rainy morning, friends have been there.. If we have not realized, its time we do.

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Emmanuel said...

God bless you!

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