Wednesday, April 22, 2015

midnight thought

Ideally i should be off to sleep but here i am writing about something that cannot wait until tomorrow morning.

sleep... that is what i want to write about. Not to theorize but dont u think sleep is a gift?

There was a time when nine hours of undisturbed sleep was possible. Then it came down to eight. In college it reduced to seven or six. Work life brought back sleep routine to seven or eight. Marriage changed it to 'number of hours undefined'. Baby one changed it to less than five and baby two changed sleep hours to four hours of disturbed sleep.

Now i value sleep more because sometimes it just seems like nights are for naps as i wake up too many times. Awake mind at night is a devil's workshop. So if the workshop is noisy some nights become sleepless.

To those who take your night sleep time for granted please be aware that if u dont value yr night sleep u will regret later. I just hope to get a seven hour undisturbed night sleep sometime soon. I definitely realize that childhood nine hours night is never going to come back. Do you?

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Casey said...

I agree with you - I doubt we will ever get back that carefree and happy sleep of our childhood - ever! I like this post :) Sleep or actually, the lack of, is always on my mind.

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