Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Simple math work

I am just settling down in Bangalore. Among the many processes that a relocation and settling in involves, the most important thing I felt was setting up a bank account. With the welcome kit came half a dozen PIN mailers. I am super scared about these passwords in life, especially the cash related ones.

I just tossed the kit inside my bag after one glance at all of the mailer covers in it. There were hundreds of things to think about.

When my husband did a withdrawal for the first time to check the account initiation, he mentioned the password to me. Immediately I did a minor math with the digits and that is all. Never had a chance to think about it again.

Three weeks later, I am at a hospital counter for paying a bill. The amount was heavier than what I had with me. I took out the card and just then I realized that I have not got the password with me and I am going to be using the card for the first time. Madness, but I still counted on the formula that I had worked out earlier when I heard the password.

It was correct to my relief and I thanked my stars. It is just not nice to say you forgot your password and so you cant pay a bill!!! Thanks to some small practices from childhood.. I usually work out a formula in my mind to remember long number strings.. and it came to my rescue this time and at a very important moment to save my face!!! Hail Mathematics.

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Casey said...

Great to hear that you are bk in Namma Bengaluru :) Nice post - Totally agree with you - we remember altogether too many passwords.

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