Saturday, February 12, 2011

There is lots to do - TILTD syndrome!!!!

I am seriously ill with the T-I-L-T-D syndrome...

Here are the symptoms - applies to most people at all times and all places as far as I can comprehend:

  • There is a lot to do and to be finished and to be got done and to be done with and to complete.
  • You dont know where to start and are already waiting for them all to be closed as fast as possible.
  • Your mind wanders to hobbies and interests when you know you cannot afford time for them all.
  • You work so much and miss your meal timings or dont work at all and do nothing but eat all the time.
  • You are just bored with the thought of the load.
  • Last, but not the least, you wish you had the help of a genie who would get everything done for you at work or home.

Yes the thought that there is so much to do often weighs heavily on us and makes us tired more than the fact that all of it can be done one after another.

I have so much to write on my blog and have not started at all. That is the reason for this post.. An explicit admittal of the fact that I am too heavy with the observations around and that I have not taken time to put it all out here.

The TILTD syndrome has creeped into my home chores and my job hunt as well. I was away in India last month and so still dealing with the after-math of a trip to India in many ways...

Surprised that I had just used a checklist to deal with the T-I-L-T-D earlier when I had a work place to go to and with so much to do at work, I still made time for my blog posts.. Its just an observation and I hope to be able to get back to my February thoughts for all of us to read.

Here are a few ways I can think of to deal with T-I-L-T-D syndrome:

  • Start somewhere, like I just did!!!!.No one else can do it for you. If so, you would have already delegated the work!!!
  • Start doing what you feel like than going by what is important in your view point. Important things sometimes are very boring or frightful or lengthy to even think of. Later you can go by priorities.
  • Write all that you need to do, on paper. Make a list and work by it. Often people tease me for this but it has worked well for me always.
  • When things just seem too much, take time for a coffee or a casual read. [It doesnt sound practical, but it worked well for me last week. I spent the entire morning on the internet with much to do around me, but the afternoon went well for me. I managed to close a lot of what I wanted to do.. ].
  • Give yourself the liberty to take rest when you must!!!!! No one is going to reward you for ending up in the hospital because you over-worked!!!
  • Dont force yourself unless you are a doctor and it is a life-death situation that you are dealing with.
  • Pray, Pray and Pray for strength.

Simple... So am going back to face my busy day head-on. It is just a lesson that I wanted to share. When T-I-L-T-D syndrome hits, just acknowledge it and deal it well.

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