Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My name is E-mail

Hello all,

My name is E-mail. I have become popular among people - young and old - since the past decade. It is interesting to note that a lot of people have so much to talk to their people and I am very happy to carry their messages.

However there are a few problems that no one seems to be lending their ears and eyes to.

  • Wonder why some people try to write unsolicited e-mails to others in the name of making friends?
  • Wonder why some e-mails go unnoticed?
  • Wonder why some e-mails are fully read and taken for granted?
  • Wonder why people trash the well-intended e-mails mistakenly addressed to them, when they should be notifying the sender?
  • Wonder why it is so hard to address some one by name or title or whatever is appropriate in an e-mail?
  • Wonder why people cant take two seconds longer to sign their name or initial at the close of an e-mail?
  • Wonder why people do not understand that chain e-mails in the name of religion or luck are still a set of bits - zeroes and ones so to speak?
  • Wonder why people tend to misjudge the power of associations that e-mails can make or break?
  • Wonder why people forget ettiquettes when writing an e-mail?
  • Wonder why people dont write e-mails themselves and are happy to see one addressed to them?
  • Wonder why people live a life around e-mails and still act like they don't have time for one?

Wonder if people really care?

I, the e-mail medium, am very tired of wondering about the people entities and their behavioral patterns on emails.. What is it that people want in/from life?

Why is it so tough to understand this basic truth ? : Use e-mail with some respect and courtesy for time, emotions, energy and effort of the sender or recipient. I am a medium that has been discovered to improve the speed of message transfer between places across the globe. Don't you think I deserve to be treated with some care and concern for everyone's time and effort? I think so.

With fervent hopes that this message will reach at least a few people, I sign off.

Thanks and Regards,

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