Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tendulkar's 98th century and Me!!!!!

If you know me, I am sure you must be amazed at the title of this post. But yes, I am writing this post as the match between India and England is storming in Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore. And my Television is ON since the first strike of the match and that's important here. :-) and as much as it is important it is unbelievable.

Like a lot of people, I am a fan of Tendulkar not because I am a fan of cricket but because there have been news instances that Tendulkar's strikes have helped the team's stance wonderfully well in a lot of matches. That's all I knew about cricket and Tendulkar. Who has ever sat through the match completely to see what happens on the field!!!!

I was not expecting a hundred from Tendulkar this time.. Don't ask me why, but I just didn't. Sat watching the match non-judgementally except that I was sure that if Tendulkar does not cross fifty runs in partnership or if he gets out of the game early, then the team will lose. It has been my inexperienced commoner's observation that our batsmen lose confidence if the experienced players get off the field fast.

Always like a lot of others sixes and fours amaze me and I dont like zeroes. I saw a few zeroes in all the six balls in many overs and some ones and Wides and just decided that I might as well do some drawing work in parallel and started off with a nice picture. Ofcourse sent the reports of the match on phone to my husband who was positive that we will do very well, while I was not happy at all.. I thought the match was going very slow.. Who wants to spend all the time in front of TV when all I get to see is ones and zeroes?? Not me and I lost interest.

Then slowly, I began seeing sixes and fours and then continuous big numbers from Tendulkar. The next I know is he has hit 102 runs and that became his 98th international century. The expression on my face is imaginable.. For those who cannot, I'll explain. I couldn't believe the tactic... Okay, I still think a lot in cricket is about chance even though I fully well agree that it is a mind game. Still I gave this incident a careful thought.

Someone who had not hit even a single run in a lot of shots in the beginning, suddenly picked up speed and then his strikes really sky-rocketed.. Cricket enthusiasts may have a hundred and one views on this and expressions on this.. But to me, this was interesting because of a simple point that occured to me.

Stay there and play slow and steady.. What matters is the win in the end and not the interim successes. That is how the game is going now... as far as Tendulkar is concerned and the Indian cricket team is placed.

Look deeper into the logic of this century.. We all are here in this world to play a game. It doesnt matter if you dont win in all the challenges that face you. Just get past them and manage to stay on in the field of life. There will come a time when you can get a chance to strike major wins. Even you do it slow; Even if you are not able to win every challenge; Even if it is not Now; you still can make a century sometime if you play slow, steady and well. Finally, all that matters is that you are still on the field and have done your best at your own pace, in the given circumstances, to strike a win that is important for you. You don't have to break someone else's records. You just have to add to your own wins.

I looked up now from this computer and see two others batting now. Tendulkar is off the field, having done his best bit for the game. If we win the match, he has done very well. If we don't win the match, he still has records of having done his best bit.

So, If you have played well in life, whatever be the end result of the many challenges that you would have faced, you still will have the credits of doing your best bit and that is all matters on the Judgement Day.

Moral: Slow and Steady wins the race; Do your best and that is all matters on the Judgement Day.

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