Saturday, February 19, 2011

I dont hate cricket!!!

In my life, I never expected that I will actually watch Cricket in intervals and report the score to someone..

I for one person, don't believe in this whole game of cricket. I know your expression, dear cricket fans, but I really cannot sit through fifty overs of the game watching two people play the game amidst the seemingly pointless, unbelievably loudest cheer.

I do admit that there must be something I am missing here, else how will I ever be able to explain the high blood pressure levels, loudest cheers, noises of the highest decibels in some Indian neighbourhoods, when a cricket match is going on?

When my mind started thinking like that, I didnt realize that I unconsciously got pulled into it.

The cricket game as such is very much like contagious laughter... Some where in your life you get drawn into it. I improved from the "I hate cricket" status to "I dont mind watching the last five overs of the game but I cant stand the whole game and most importantly the time that goes for a solid waste along with it".

Presently, my husband is at a work site and is eager to know the score of the World cup match that is happening in Dacca as I type this post. I check the score ( sometimes the game also!!!) and the website once in a while and let him know the details!!! This is something unbelievable in my life!!! I do it with zero detest for the game which is the biggest surprise.

None of what I think about cricket changes in my mind, but still I must admit that I finally did get drawn into the inevitable law of India and its crazy menfolk (womenfolk who can make time for it as well) - Cricket Game. I just decided that I must sincerely admit that I lost the match of not giving in to cricket as a game to someone, and I thought blogger was the best place.

I don't love cricket as yet, but I don't hate it as much as I used to.

India score : 301/2 India vs. Bangladesh at 4:46P.M IST.

Somehow reminded of the advertisement quote in the Bank of India Advertisement : We all change for the ones we love. And I am inclined to think it is true!!


Maya said...

You are right there:) You actually start liking something that you have no idea of, and enjoy sharing that together. It happens for Australian Open tennis for me. Forming favourties, Crying when Federer won !! Hmmmm!

Videhi Visali said...

hahahah..try your hand at writing satiricals

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