Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Staying in touch!!!!

With people it is possible to stay in touch over phone or email or letter or even an SMS.
With spirituality, through temple visits, prayers, verses and music.
With innocence through children and their non-stop chatter.
With wisdom through talks with old people who can express.
With love through a simple 'I love you'.
With freedom through a quiet lone walk in a familiar locality.
With talent through a hobby of your choice.
With ability through practice.
With health through determination.
With fitness through exercise and perseverance.
With excellence through persistence.
With knowledge through other people's experiences.
With self through what???

All of the above?? I just realized that we all stay in touch with a lot of things that we want in life and strive hard for a lot of things in life and somewhere forget to connect with ourselves. We are here but are so lost in the outside whims and fancies that we lose track of what we are and what we can achieve.

I have started this dialogue in my mind of connecting with self... presently I can think of prayers and silence and children to start with the idea of staying in touch with self.. but I am not too sure. Will let you know what I find.


Videhi Visali said...

wonderfully enlisted!
how do we keep in touch with peace? rack ur thots..

SG said...

aren't you in touch with yourself through your blog, where you express what you feel (well..atleast most of the time) ? aren't you in touch with yourself through your thoughts, expressions and emotions ?

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