Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Hi Readers,

I know it is a late wish. There are reasons that we can give of why we do what we do and why we couldn't do what we couldn't, but this year, my resolution has been this: Not to give reasons on why I couldn't do something. So I wont reason out why I couldn't wish you all earlier.

Here is wishing you health and wealth, love and luck, joy and cheers, peace and happiness, and countless reasons to smile, this day, year and always.

Happy New Year 2011.

Thank you all for spending your precious time on my blog when you can. Your readership has been very encouraging in 2010. The frequency of my writing in the second half of last year has been lesser than the first. I am aware of the change and I am hoping to share more of my observations this year. I am looking forward to your continued readership and valuable feedback and healthy discussions on my posts.

I wish you, your family and friends lots of happiness this year and always,



Videhi Visali said...

thank you! wish u too unending blogs this year :)

Casey said...

Hey - Wish you a fantastic year too. Happy Blogging in 2011 :D I liked ur posts on the Job-Hunt as well.

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