Thursday, January 13, 2011

Job hunt - start all over again!!!!!

In a very enlightening moment today ( Not sure, if the word is correct in the context of job hunt, but to me it does seem like a real enlightenment ) I realized that it is time I really worked hard to find a job for myself. The quantum of job hunt experience I have is more than that of the work experience itself. I even went to the extent of starting a job hunt series in my blog, but never chanced or took the effort to write more posts on the same lines.

I am writing this post for myself now and people like me who are looking for job change or new job or a new beginning in career. It is more of a recap of yesteryear when I needed more and more of encouragement to be able to type that next job application email.

Here is what it takes to find a job :

Determination to get it: No matter who you are, where you are from, what you have been doing, as long as you have the determination to find a job, you surely will find one.

And.. the next point that usually comes up is : Is it the right kind of job for me?

Here is what it takes to find that out :

Courage to ask that: Just go ahead and ask that important question about your new found job to the recruiter, a well wisher or someone who can possibly give you an opinion.

And finally this is all it takes to join the job :

Just give it a shot attitude: Some times it is just about giving it a shot. If it works, good, else we must be able to put in our best as long as we are there and then move on if things don't work well for us.

For people who would have by now said, " Its all very easy to say, but practically not possible ", let me tell you, even the most choicest job can give you a hard time and the most unexpected new avenue of job can bring you great success. In both cases what works is the combo of these three characteristics : Determination, Courage and Attitude. I have been there and done that and now needed a recap and hence felt the need to share what I thought.

Over time, I guess, I forgot one of these things, so I have not been able to work my best towards finding a job in an Arab country and it has been a total off-guard surprise for me. I am gaining back my momentum and hope to find something interesting in the second job hunt phase in my life.

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Videhi Visali said...

am hopeful and trust your will!

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