Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Letter to a fresher....on his first job....

Hearty Congratulations...

That means it is indeed a beautiful beginning for you this year. Am sure you will do well at work. Whether u like it or not, whether the job is less or more challenging than you expected, whether the people are nice to you or not, whether u like them or not, whether things work your way or not, whether the pay check seems nice or not so great , all said.... this is your first job and the place where you will learn most of all that you probably would need to know about working in a company. - every other job change after this is incremental learning and may not match the lessons in this place... at least that is what most people and I have to share after some changes of jobs.

One rule : Try to like it, if not, try to appreciate the lessons.

Stay happy and wish you many many successful career leaps, a world of nice network of friends - personal and professional and lot of positive energizers and people with a mind to see you grow - with a smile.

Take care and keep well.. Write when u can and stay healthy in your work life.. the one thing that people will forget to say in a job wish is : Eat healthy, play moderately, pray sincerely, network with people regularly, and work dutifully -- do all these each day!!!!!!! :) God is with you.


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