Monday, December 13, 2010

Hurry and Worry over Study!!!!!

There is an age and time for spending a lot of energy on studies... And a baby aged six months need not be forced to hurry and worry and study the english alphabet.

There is a particular advertisement in one of the regional channels that says, " In the world today, even the KG admission demands that your child attends an interview. If you want your child to surprise the interviewers, buy this early learning package that will help your child do very well in the English Language which is very important for today's education."

The versions of the advt. go ahead and promise that your five year old can comfortably read an english book, if introduced to this learning programme as early as six months of coming into this beautiful world.

That is the point which caught my attention... Why hurry up and force a baby into reading alphabets? Why worry about your child's KG class interview? If a school is unable to understand your child's ablity to grasp new things with some simple questioning, then that school is not the right place for your child. There are some things in life that definitely cannot be forced into.. one of the definites in this list is 'Love for education'.

If parents start expecting children to live up to their expectations based on such 'not-so-intelligent' advertisements, they might have to face a bigger battle at a later date, where the child will never be interested in studies, ever.

Wonder if the school authorities, sensible parents, and psychologists and may be doctors too, will help those who start dreaming of their children mastering a foreign language as early as three years or five years or less than that!!!

May be parents who watch these kinds of advertisements should know to enjoy their time with the baby first, then the toddler, then the wonder kid level, then the child, then the teens, then the adult.... May be they should not hurry and worry about study so much as opposed to watching and enjoying the child's wonderful and gradual process of 'growing up' in every sense.

With all my prayers for the babies of this year 2010...God Bless them all!!! Let them take their own time to realize that it is a big, crazy, rush hour world outside!!!! Parents, New Parents, and Parents-to-be, please understand!!!!!!


SG said...

Well, the education of a child begins from inside the mother's womb from the 5th month when the ears are fully formed and a baby starts hearing. In fact, numerous experiments have been done based on the Abhimanyu-chakravyuga story to produce child prodigies and some have worked. Mozart is believed to the result of one such experiment. While I agree that preparing them academically is uncalled for, I believe in inducing values (like making a child listen to something instead of having him/her watch cartoons to make the feeding process easier) right from the early stages.

Priya H said...

Vitta KG admissionsku CAT madiri entrance exams kooda vaipanga.... See where the world is going! Competitive worlda irukanum, but the stress level the children are undergoing is horrible in some schools. They dont understand the meaning of the word 'competitive'. You can see KG students going for tuitions soon after their school hours with a heavy shoulder bag. And for this the parents are to be blamed or the teachers, but unfortunately children are blamed as 'lazy' or 'not so intelligent'.


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