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Epitome of Confidence - Bhakta Prahalad

Quick note: Divine is my new section. This post does not advocate any specific religion. It is just an observation and is best read with a generic and open mind. If you don't have belief in God, you are better off not reading any posts under the label: Divine. I am not sorry, but I must say that any comment that is offending any religion or the Divine will not be published.

On the Television, there was this scene. There were a number of uniformed young boys. From their attire and surrounding it seemed that they were at the residential school of the olden days - Gurukul. It is believed that in Gurukul mode of education, the students were taught all the arts and sciences that one needs to know in life, in a span of seven or ten years time.

One of the children was saying that his Lord, the supreme power, Vishnu is everywhere and anything in the world is possible for him. To prove his point, he walked up to the nearest flowering shrub and plucked a part of the stem. He challenged the rest of the group that his Lord will be able to stick the broken stem back to its place in the shrub. Then he closed his eyes and asked his Lord to stick the stem back. He started chanting the Lord's name - Om Namo Bhagavate Vaasudevaya.

The next scene was in God's abode..Lord Vishnu thinks aloud. "I must get the stem to stick back to the shrub, because Prahalad never doubted my ability. He just asked and is continuing to chant my name in the belief that I can do it. If I dont, it means I am breaking my devotee's confidence in me".

Good point... made me wonder, if we really have this kind of strong confidence in the Good God? Most often we pray with a little doubt, I would say. This snippet gave me a new perception to Bhakti or Devotion or Trust..

Bhakti is confidence. When you believe in God and wish for something, work on something or ask for something, if your faith is complete, you will surely get it. That is the message. We often try to reason out a lot of things..and believe in our own brains and logic more than the all-powerful God. God reaches out to help people who believe and leaves people who believe in themselves to handle things on their own, because there are others who are calling for help. When people finally call out for help, it is granted for sure.

God must be a busy entity really, answering all the sincere prayers in appropriate way.

Mythological tale it is - still gives a very good lesson for one and all. For people who understand and believe that God can, then he will :) We all must pray for Prahalad's Bhakti in life.


nithya said...

lol... I agree totally... when you believe in something so strongly... it will get done... eventually... :) You know what... this is just the epitome of even an atheist! lol :)

Dew Drop said...

Thanks Nithy,

And just to ensure that the discussion is complete :) An atheist thinks that it is HIS CONFIDENCE that makes him achieve things...but what he probably doesnt know is that whether he believes in God or not, God still takes care of him.. and that confidence is given by the Good God.. Just that, whenever he feels low he probably may not know that he has support from the Almighty.. So, his turbulence is one percent higher than those who believe in God..

Happy Birthday :)

Since this is a post on the Divine section, let me say: God Bless!!!

Many haoppy returns of the day,

SG said...

I am going to play the Devil's advocate now (interesting choice of words, I guess!). When I was in school, our moral science teacher told us a story of a student who marks Ganges in the US in the world map and prays to God that it should be right. According to her the moral of the story was that God helps those who help themselves, i.e. if you do your part and write the answers properly you will get the results. This sort of contradicts the principle you explain.

On the other hand, the believer in me tells me that even while I prepare for the exam, God can help me avoid problems (like getting caught in traffic on the way to the exam or forgetting what I learnt due to stress etc.) and help me give my best performance. So probably it all comes down to our perspective !

Dew Drop said...


Yeah, it all comes down to one thing... If you trust, you will have it.. You probably wont wish for things that are not meant for u.. if you do as a believer, you will be shown the right way without a lot of hassle.

Avlodhan :) At any point of time, this is one thing that has proved useful for me: You are here because you only can handle it :)

Thanks, I welcome your comments,


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