Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dreams are facts

This post is about a recent wisdom piece that I got from a poetry by my friend. Thanks Nithya.

You can find the poetry here:

The poetry may not have anything to do with what I got from it, but there are some words in this poem that drive a lot of meaning into your mind. And here is what I got from the third line:

What is happening today - a fact - may seem like a dream; [ Expression : Oh! I dont believe this!!! - exclamation here]
What happened earlier in life - fact of the past - may seem like a dream too..[ Expression: Can't stop thinking that there was a time when....!!! nostalgic fond smile here]

There are a lot of situations - incidents and accidents - in life that make life as interesting or seemingly as uninteresting as it is.

On any given day, there may be times when we are unable to believe that something is happening as if its a dream - so quick, unexpected, pleasant, and calm. (Unpleasant dreams are called as Nightmares). So also, there may be fond thoughts of the past floating in our mind, that seem like a dream now.

In both these cases we are talking about facts of life; about facts that have shaped as of TODAY. The way it SEEMS is totally up to us.

Today's fact may be yesterday's dream, for the one who has worked long and hard to see this day;
Yesterday's fact may be today's dream for the one who knows to cherish and be thankful for the fond thoughts.

Keep Working, Cherishing and Dreaming...

This post does not apply to negative and unpleasant thoughts.


श्रिया said...

sometimes I feel that life itself is a dream....

nice post..... :)

sandy said...

good one deepa :)


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