Thursday, November 05, 2009

You are in the right place!!!!!

This was the opening statement in one of the presentations I happened to attend yesterday.
So, what's the big deal about it and why would I even notice it??

Honestly, I was not too well to attend a presentation at that time of the day, but I still decided to be there because I believe that some postponed appointments never happen later.So, with that said, I must say I galloped my way in a city bus amidst all the Bangalore Metro construction work sites and rushed in only to see that I was exactly fifteen minutes early. [I hate my late entry anywhere - coffee, meeting, wedding, or any appointment for that matter - and so for the first time I smiled...] I am in!!! I am in, on time and when I walk in, the first thing I notice is I am in the right place... That's what the slide being projected said.

And I took a good notice of the words.. I read it over and over again, to let the message sink in.

The feel-good factor in me was soaring up to sky-rocketing heights and I was very glad that I came after all the roller-coaster rides, changing three buses on the Complex old madras road, as one of the shop's banner put it.[ It said, No. X, Trinity Church Complex Old Madras Road... and the writer in me, punctuated this at an incorrect place and read it as Trinity Church, Complex Old Madras Road.. and trust me, the present situation is totally complex on Old Madras Road!!! Hail Bangalore Metro Constructions!!!!]

My mind had a comfortable ten minutes to ponder about the line.. You are in the right place.
Well, what else do you expect to do when all you get to see is "You are in the right place" flashing every minute in front of you? Of course, I have dutifully turned my mobile to silent mode and blocked all my attention towards the presentation.

Isn't this statement eternally ( or should I say perennially) true? Okay, cutting all the flowery words, Isn't this statement true all the time??

To book a train ticket you must be at the ticket counter.
If you wait at the entrance to the railway station and want to book a ticket, you are again at the right place.... to realize that you should queue up at the reservation counter to reserve a railway ticket.

To cross a road, you must be at the pedestrian crossing.
If you try crossing the road from a fair distance away from the pedestrian crossing and you just missed a hit and run accident, you are still in the right remember to follow road rules.

If you fall down and break a bone, I am sorry to say, you are still in the right place learn to watch your step on a rainy day when you walk on a muddy, marshy road.....[only if you had stood at that slippery spot, you could fall, the way you did... so even for a fall, you must be at the right place.]

Antonyms are prevalent in this world...So, my mind went ahead to think about where does the question of being in the wrong place come from??

When you aim to book a train ticket and expect only that result....
And did not expect to be in the right place, to welcome someone arriving at the station...
When you want to cross the road and expect only that result....
And did not expect to be in the right place, to realize the hazards of crossing the road from a non-designated zone...
When you want to go for a walk on a rainy day and expect only that result....
And did not expect to be in the right place, to realize that a slippery road can cause a fall...

In all these cases and others that we know of or can think of, there are no wrong places...What you did not expect always ends up in your mind as the Wrong side of the story..We do not say I got a different result, but always say I got a wrong result. At any given point in time, we don't want to understand or believe that what happened is something that is right - although not expected, it is right for us at the moment.

There is no such thing as Wrong in its absolute sense, only in relative sense...Something may be wrong relative to the results we expect, but absolutely correct with reference to what we are supposed to know/receive. We get it all wrong, while almost always, everything happens for the correct reasons, at the correct places, with the correct people and at the correct time only.

Philosophical?? I have no idea, but if this is philosophy, then I believe it must have some truth to it, is worth giving a thought, and is the first step to positive thinking... Wonder if that is why in the writer's world we do not use the word 'Wrong'. We always say 'incorrect', which can mean 'not the expected result'.

Coming to think of it, should we consider doing away with the term Wrong from our diction?

I was convinced that I was at the right place at the end of that session to realize something.... I wish to keep my understanding to myself for a while. It will be out on this blog at the right time.

I am at the right place and so are you. Do not think about the could, should and would aspects of your life. Just believe that you are and have always been at the right place..

What you can gather from what is happening around you is what defines who you are.

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Arjun B S said...

right.. agree with you on the part that wrong (or failure) is not really a negative; like you say. it's just a different way to do it.

Good one!

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