Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What all can you save?

I spoke to a friend just now. Here are my thoughts soon after the conversation:

  1. We know of a Savings Bank account for money.
  2. We know of a Blood Bank that saves blood.
  3. We hear about saving interest rates on loans.
  4. Credit card banking offers some savings on purchases using specific credit cards.
  5. We try to take a definite road to save travel time.
  6. We constantly try to think about saving fuel.
  7. We hear advertisements stating: Save the Earth, Go Green.
  8. We see emails with the signature line: Save paper and environment. Print this only if you must.
  9. We think about saving electricity.
  10. We talk about rain water harvest which means to save rain water.
  11. We want to save our energy and so have a listening ear towards Yoga, Meditation and Health care.
  12. Technology has its own contributions for us to save time, effort, and our physical energy : All electronic items, software and automation around speak for this.

The best of all and the often forgotten till December of every year is the leave balance account. Most of us save leave also. That was part of our topic of discussion and here are my thoughts:

Your company gives you leave to utilize it when you need. You do not have to save it like you save money, so you can en cash it or carry forward to the next year. However, if you have some event coming up in the near future and you are blessed enough to know it before, it is okay to save a few days for the next year.

If you are not ill, there is no point in taking sick leave, but if you are unwell and are unable to sit through the day, it is okay to mark a sick leave day and get out of office.

You have been working very late hours; You are putting in long and focused effort at work; And you know you really need a break after that one major release work, take a causal day off. Its very important for a rejuvenated you and a fat pay cheque, the next year.

Remember, some people and occasions are hard to miss. So don't trade off the fun and responsibilities that you cant afford to miss, just because you have a job to do. If your work priorities are manageable ( workable/doable) , take that fun day off to be with your friends and family. If they are not, work your way to get that job done fast, so you can still take time off.

Companies give you sick leave, casual leave and Paid/Annual leave.. Spend them as wise as you would use cash and time.... Wait a minute..... You might want to read about Time and Savings here. Save leave, spend leave and think of encashing your leave balance as the last option.

You are getting paid for what you are doing. If you think, you are not, then change jobs, improve skills, speak to your manager, or do something on those lines.... but never think about leave encashment....if it happens on its own, good for you.

The leave balance is 'Avail'able. Avail adequate leave each year with some discipline and redefine yourself at work, if you think you are not taking enough time off your work and if your family/friends/health is cribbing about you being workaholic.

So here's what all you do save if you spend your leave with some discipline : Relationships and Memories, Blood pressure and energy, and most importantly, Yourself.

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