Thursday, November 12, 2009

Over one crore new mobile connections in October 2009!!!!!
That's from a news cast today in one of the papers.

On Google search for "Mobile Phone Hazards", all you see is only scary threats listed. While you are wondering what would it be like without having a mobile, ( I still cant understand how I managed without a mobile five years ago!!!), there are more and more new models out in the market and more and more new users are joining the mobile phone user community. Cell phone companies continue to make profit.

Same applies to most things.... Computer based jobs are increasingly advocated to cause a lot of health issues and yet there are not many non-computerised jobs in the world. Internet is a boon and also a paranoia kit. Smoking is bad, yet the cigarette company continues to be in business. Drinking is believed to be bad, yet the number of alcohol serving restaurants are increasing every day. Mobile phones are bad for health, they say, yet the number of new connections are on an all-time high!!!!

What's with the increased usage of something and the ever increasing threats about the same thing?
One side of the scale says, " Eat healthy" and the other side says " You are missing something, if you are saying 'No' to this dish"....
One side of the scale says " Its okay to take care" and the other side says " You are paranoid about things"....

One side of the scale always says " Don't" and the other side immediately says " You have not much in life, if you don't"...
But Why??

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lodukku said...

mega mall மாதிரி
இல்லன்னாலும் ஒரு
பங்க் கட rangeக்காவது வரணும்ன்னு
ஒரு முட்டு சந்து ஓரமா
புதுசா கட விரிச்சிருக்கேன்.

நம்ம கடையான்ட வந்து
எட்டி பாருங்கோ… Senior

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